Wonderful (US)
[CD - 1995]

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Wonderful (UK)
[CD - 1995]

(EMI EMC 3687
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Wonderful (front) Wonderful (reverse) Wonderful UK (back)
Wonderful (inlay) Japanese poster Wonderful US (back)

Title: Wonderful

Artist: Adam Ant

Year: 1995

US - Capitol
UK/Japan - EMI

Catalogue Nos:
US -
CDP 724383033522
UK -
EMC 3687

Countries: US/UK/Japan/Holland


01 [3:59]  Won't Take That Talk
02 [4:12]  Beautiful Dream (album version)
03 [4:22]  Wonderful (album version)
04 [4:18]  1969 Again
05 [4:33]  Yin & Yang
06 [4:02]  Image Of Yourself
07 [3:39]  Alien (album version)
08 [4:13]  Gotta Be A Sin (album version)
09 [4:35]  Vampires
10 [4:39]  Angel
11 [4:39]  Very Long Ride


The first Ant album to be released in the US before the UK.  It's working title was called Slapdash Eden and 25 tracks had been written for the project, of which 11 appeared on the final product.  The Japanese release came with a mini poster (shown above - click for larger view).  The Dutch artwork is identical to the UK/US ones.

Another interesting development has been the discovery of promotional cards for the album.  So far only eight have be found, but each relates to one of the album's tracks including Adam's real meanings behind the lyrics of the track (plus and introduction card).  The condition of some of these cards wasn't that great as a record shop was using them as coffee coasters!  Ant Lady has worked her digital magic on them and are reproduced below.  If you click on the images you will see sexier, larger ones.

EMI released a download only compilation called Extra Wonderful featuring the tracks off the singles from this album on June 26th 2006.  For more details on this, click here..


Introduction promo card (click to read Adam's notes)
Won't Take That Talk promo card (click to read Adam's notes)
1969 Again promo card (click to read Adam's notes)
Yin & Yang promo card (click to read Adam's notes)
Alien promo card (click to read Adam's notes)
Gotta Be A Sin promo card (click to read Adam's notes)
Vampires promo card (click to read Adam's notes)



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