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Having a complete list of every gig and every song played at an Ant gig is a mammoth task, and it is via this page that I aim to bring you these to you. To view the set lists, just click on the BLUE gigs. If you have any lists of songs, venues, cities, scans of posters/tickets from any of the tours, or any info that would be of use, then please don't hesitate to email me, or visit my forum, and just post anything you have that may help.

Many thanks to Nigel Borrowman (Il Duce) for the older Ant scans used below and extended thanks to Monk for his ongoing help with new dates and stubs.

1977 GIGS

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∙May 5th 1977 - A bedroom in Muswell Hill, London
∙May 10th 1977 - I.C.A. Theatre, Pall Mall, London (not Chelsea)
∙May 11th 1977 - Man In The Moon, Chelsea, London (supporting X-Ray Spex)
∙May 18th 1977 - Man In The Moon, Chelsea, London (supporting X-Ray Spex)
X-Ray Spex flyer
X-Ray Spex flyer (no mention of "The Ants")
∙May 25th 1977 - Man In The Moon, Chelsea, London
∙Jun 2nd 1977 - Hornsey College Of Art, London (supporting Desolation Angels)
∙Jun 11th 1977 - Roxy Club, London (supporting Wire)
∙Jun 20th 1977 - Cheltenham (supporting The Slits)
∙Jul 8th 1977 - Andrew Logan's Party
Jul 11th 1977 - Vortex Club, London (supporting Siouxsie & The Banshees)
∙Jul 16th 1977 - Hornsey College Of Art, London
∙Jul 18th 1977 - Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London
(performed just Plastic Surgery for Jubilee movie)
∙Jul 26th 1977 - Vortex Club, London
(Sounds ad doesn't list this gig)
∙Aug 1st 1977 - Vortex Club, London (supporting Generation X)
Ad for The Vortex
Ad for The Vortex (no mention of "The Ants")
∙Aug 4th 1977 - Rebecca's, Birmingham (supporting Siouxsie & The Banshees)
∙Aug 27th 1977 - Crayford Town Hall (supporting The Models)
(Sounds says date was Aug 26th)
∙Aug 28th 1977 - Jacksons Lane Community Centre (supporting TRB)
(Sounds/NME list venue as The Other Cinema)
∙Sep 9th 1977 - Nashville, London (supporting Siouxsie & The Banshees)
(Sounds says The Motors played on Sep 8th, not Banshees)
∙Sep 19th 1977 - Vortex Club, London (prev listed here as Sept 18th)
(Sounds/NME had no listing for the 18th, just 19th & 20th)
rare poster for the Vortex gig
rare poster for the Vortex gig (note "The Ants")
∙Oct 4th 1977 - Marquee, London (supporting The Buzzcocks)
∙Oct 7th 1977 - Plymouth Top Rank
(Sounds/NME had no listing for this)
∙Oct 15th 1977 - Eric's, Liverpool (supporting The Lurkers)
∙Oct 21st 1977 - Colchester College
∙Oct 31st 1977 - Vortex, London (supporting Siouxsie & The Banshees)
rare poster for the Vortex gig
rare poster for the Vortex gig (note "The Ants")
∙Nov 4th 1977 - Kings College, London (supporting Generation X)
(This could be Nov 11th)
∙Nov 9th 1977 - New Regent, Brighton (supporting Bethnal) (added 16-03-2008)
∙Nov 12th 1977 - Marquee, London (poster below, click to enlarge)
∙Nov 26th 1977 - Marquee, London (poster below, click to enlarge)
1977 Gigs poster Marquee
Marquee gigs poster (click to enlarge)
∙Dec 1st 1977 - Royal College Of Art, London (poster below, click to enlarge)
Royal College of Art, Dec 1st 1977
Royal College of Art, Dec 1st 1977 (click to enlarge)
∙Dec 9th 1977 - New Regent, Brighton
∙Dec 11th 1977 - Marquee, London (poster above top, click to enlarge)
11th Dec set list
11th Dec 1977 set list
∙Dec 16th 1977 - Roxy Club, London
∙Dec 17th 1977 - Butlers Wharf, London (Derek Jarman's Party)
∙Dec 26th 1977 - Music Machine, London (supporting Siouxsie & The Banshees)

1978 GIGS

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∙Jan 5th 1978 - Marquee, London
∙Jan 7th 1978 - Roxy Club, London
The Ants at The Roxy
The Ants at The Roxy (click to enlarge)
Jan 12th 1978 - Marquee, London
(Antmusic For Sexpeople bootleg LP and In Bondage bootleg CD)
∙Jan 17th 1978 - Dingwalls (supporting the Electric Chairs) (poster below)
∙Jan 18th 1978 - Oscars, Ilford (supporting the Electric Chairs) (poster below)
Supporting the Electric Chairs
17th & 18th Jan with the Electric Chairs
∙Jan 19th 1978 - Marquee, London
∙Jan 21st 1978 - Roxy Club, London
∙Jan 26th 1978 - Marquee, London
∙Jan 27th 1978 - New Regent, Brighton
Jan 30th 1978 - 100 Club, London
∙Feb 4th 1978 - Rochester Castle
∙Feb 13th 1978 - The Cavern, Willesden
∙Feb 14th 1978 - Hope And Anchor, London
∙Feb 17th 1978 - Rochester Castle
∙Feb 18th 1978 - Nashville, London
∙Mar 3rd 1978 - Sandpiper, Nottingham
∙Mar 4th 1978 - Barton Hill Youth Club, Bristol
∙Mar 6th 1978 - 100 Club, London
∙Mar 10th 1978 - Corsham Art College
∙Mar 16th 1978 - Music Machine, London
∙Mar 27th 1978 - Marquee, London
∙Apr 3rd 1978 - Outlook Club, Doncaster
∙Apr 4th 1978 - 100 Club, London
(only confirmation is the rude poster below - click to enlarge)
1978 Gigs poster 4th April 1978
Rude poster for 4th April, 100 Club (click to enlarge)
∙Apr 10th 1978 - Moonlight Club, Hampstead
∙Apr 13th 1978 - Sandpiper, Nottingham
∙Apr 14th 1978 - Marquee, London
∙Apr 15th 1978 - Eric's, Liverpool
∙Apr 18th 1978 - 100 Club, London
∙Apr 19th 1978 - Limited Club, Sheffield
∙Apr 22nd 1978 - Rochester Castle
∙Apr 27th 1978 - Rafters, Manchester
∙May 4th 1978 - Fan Club, Leeds
May 14th 1978 - Roundhouse (supporting X-Ray Spex)
∙May 19th 1978 - Chelsea College Of Art
∙May 28th 1978 - Triad, Bishop's Stortford
∙Jun 6th 1978 - Hard Rock Café, London (Debutantes Party)
Jun 10th 1978 - Ealing Technical College, London (Rock Against Racism)
Jun 17th 1978 - Southbank Polytechnic, London (Rock Against Racism)
(often dated Jun 24th 1978)
∙Jun 24th 1978 - Marquee, London
Jul 13th 1978 - Marquee, London
Jul 31st 1978 - Moonlight Club, Hampstead
∙Aug 1st 1978 - Moonlight Club, Hampstead
Aug 10th 1978 - Rock Garden, Covent Garden
∙Aug 12th 1978 - Goldsmith College, New Cross (wrong in Ant Catalogue)
(Benefit gig for the arsoned Albany Empire)
∙Aug 16th 1978 - White Hart, Acton
∙Aug 21st 1978 - Circles, Swansea
∙Aug 30th 1978 - Last Bastion, Acton
∙Sep 5th 1978 - Marquee, London
∙Sep 6th 1978 - Marquee, London
∙Sep 9th 1978 - Leopoldsberg, Belgium
∙Sep 10th 1978 - Ninove, Belgium
∙Sep 16th 1978 - Starlight, Margate
Sep 22nd 1978 - Salisbury Tech (usually wrongly dated Sep 21st 1978)
∙Sep 29th 1978 - Cologne Town Hall, Germany
∙Sep 30th 1978 - S0.36 Club, Berlin
∙Oct 1st 1978 - S0.36 Club, Berlin
∙Oct 2nd 1978 - Bonn Town Hall, Germany
∙Oct 3rd 1978 - Langensfeld Town Hall, Germany
∙Oct 12th 1978 - Modanostra Festival, Milan (Fashion Show)
∙Oct 13th 1978 - TV broadcast, Milan (miming to Young Parisians)
Oct 16th 1978 - Cinema X, Milan
Oct 17th 1978 - Cinema X, Milan
∙Oct 13th 1978 - Alta Dominica TV interview, Rome (possibly a group interview)
Oct 20th 1978 - Titan Club, Rome (this, or the below gig was filmed)
∙Oct 21st 1978 - Titan Club, Rome (this, or the above gig was filmed)
∙Nov 1st 1978 - Music Machine, London
∙Nov 9th 1978 - The Gig, Birmingham (this is not yet confirmed)
∙Nov 21st 1978 - 77 Club, Nuneaton
∙Nov 25th 1978 - Marquee, London
(Marquee ads show Trans Am playing and not AATA)
∙Nov 29th 1978 - Marquee, London
∙Dec 8th 1978 - Pop Club, York
Dec 18th 1978 - Moonlight Club, London
∙Dec 19th 1978 - Moonlight Club, London
(Sounds shows The Members and Local Operator playing and not AATA)
(NME shows The Members playing and not AATA)

1979 GIGS

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∙Jan 11th 1979 - Brannigans, Leeds
∙Jan 12th 1979 - Royal Standard, Bradford
∙Jan 13th 1979 - Rock Garden, Middlesborough
∙Jan 20th 1979 - Cricket Club, Northampton
Jan 21st 1979 - Electric Ballroom, London (supporting The Lurkers)
supporting the Lurkers - click to enlarge
supporting the Lurkers (click to enlarge)
∙Jan 24th 1979 - Pop Club, York
∙Jan 25th 1979 - Norbreck Castle, Blackpool
Jan 26th 1979 - Mayflower, Manchester
(venue confirmed by Monk...previously listed as The Factory)
∙Jan 27th 1979 - Erics, Liverpool
∙Jan 29th 1979 - Circles, Swansea
Jan 31st 1979 - Stowaway, Newport
(confirmed by Monk...previously listed as 30th Jan)
∙Feb 3rd 1979 - Huddersfield Polytechnic
Feb 4th 1979 - Chancellors Hall, Chelmsford
(gig filmed by audience member - on 8mm or Super 8)
Feb 12th 1979 - Town Hall, High Wycombe
Feb 19th 1979 - Smarty's, Chester
∙Mar 2nd 1979 - Sandpiper, Nottingham
∙Mar 15th 1979 - St. Andrews Hall, Norwich
(venue confirmed by Antmaniac's gig agreement)
∙Mar 16th 1979 - Porterhouse, Retford
∙Mar 17th 1979 - Reading University
Mar 19th 1979 - Civil Hall, Bishops Stortford
Apr 22nd 1979 - Lyceum, London
∙Apr 24th 1979 - S0.36 Club, Berlin
∙Apr 26th 1979 - S0.36 Club, Berlin


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Blank Zerox Tour poster - CLICK to enlarge
Blank Zerox Tour poster (click to enlarge)

Zerox Tour programme - CLICK to enlarge
Zerøx Tour programme (click to enlarge)
∙Jun 17th 1979 - Porterhouse, Retford (not played)
Jul 13th 1979 - Porterhouse, Retford
Jul 14th 1979 - Digbeth Civic Hall, Birmingham (Gig report from
∙Jul 16th 1979 - Woods, Plymouth (early booking - not played)
∙Jul 17th 1979 - Routes, Exeter (early booking - not played)
∙Jul 18th 1979 - Stowaway, Newport, Gwent
Jul 19th 1979 - Fanclub, Leeds
Jul 20th 1979 - Clouds, Edinburgh
Clouds gig poster (with wrong month!)- CLICK for FULL size
Clouds gig poster - with the wrong date! (click for FULL size)
Jul 21st 1979 - The Factory, Manchester
Jul 22nd 1979 - Royal Standard, Bradford
∙Jul 23rd 1979 - Smarty's, Chester (early booking - not played)
∙Jul 25th 1979 - Pop Club, York
∙Jul 26th 1979 - Erics, Liverpool
∙Jul 27th 1979 - Mayfair, Newcastle
∙Jul 28th 1979 - Rock Garden, Middlesborough
∙Jul 29th 1979 - Grey Topper, Jacksdale
Jul 30th 1979 - Circles, Swansea
(filmed for BBC Wales show Twndish)
∙Jul 31st 1979 - Routes, Exeter
∙Aug 1st 1979 - Plymouth Woods
∙Aug 2nd 1979 - Troubadour, Port Talbot
∙Aug 3rd 1979 - Newport, Shropshire
Aug 5th 1979 - Lyceum, London
Sep 28th 1979 - Electric Ballroom, London
Sep 29th 1979 - Electric Ballroom, London
Dec 31st 1979 - Electric Ballroom, London (New Year's Party)
(poster below, click to enlarge)
Poster for New Year's Day gig
New Years Eve gig poster (dated wrongly) (click to enlarge)

1980 GIGS

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UK Ants Invasion Tour Poster - CLICK to enlarge
UK Ants Invasion Tour Poster (click to enlarge)
∙May 18th 1980 - London (John Henry's PA Company)
May 22nd 1980 - Electric Ballroom, London (support - Martian Dance)
May 23rd 1980 - Town Hall, High Wycombe (support - Martian Dance)
May 24th 1980 - Manchester Polytechnic, Manchester (support - Martian Dance)
May 25th 1980 - Top Rank, Birmingham (support - Martian Dance)
May 27th 1980 - Stateside, Bournemouth (support - Martian Dance)
May 28th 1980 - Tiffanys, Bristol (support - Martian Dance)
May 29th 1980 - St. Georges Hall, Bradford (support - Martian Dance)
Jun 1st 1980 - Valentinos, Edinburgh (support - Martian Dance)
∙Jun 2nd 1980 - Maryatt Hall, Dundee
Jun 4th 1980 - Top Rank, Sheffield
(support - Martian Dance, Manufactured Romance)
Sheffield gig, 4th Jun 1980 - CLICK to enlarge
Sheffield gig, 4th Jun 1980 (click to enlarge)
∙Jun 5th 1980 - King Georges Hall, Blackburn
Jun 6th 1980 - Cleopatras, Huddersfield (support - Martian Dance)
(Riot in crowd)
Jun 7th 1980 - Leicester University, Leicester (support - Martian Dance)
Jun 8th 1980 - Empire Ballroom, London
(support - Dave Berry & the Cruisers, Martian Dance)
(Japanes A.N.T.S. bootleg LP)

Early UK Frontier Tour November dates
Early UK Frontier Tour November dates

UK Frontier Tour poster
UK Frontier Tour poster

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∙Nov 9th 1980 - Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool (6pm) (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Nov 9th 1980 - Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool (10pm) (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Nov 10th 1980 - Tiffany's, Edinburgh (supported by Gods Toys)
Nov 11th 1980 - Tiffany's, Glasgow (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Nov 12th 1980 - Dunelm Ballroom, Durham University (supported by Gods Toys)(stub below)
Durham Gig, 12th Nov 1980 - CLICK to enlarge
Stub for Durham gig 12th Nov 1980 (click to enlarge)
Nov 14th 1980 - Queen's Garden College of Further Education, Hull
(venue set alight and evacuated)
Nov 15th 1980 - Cromer Pavilion, West Runton (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Nov 16th 1980 - Top Rank, Sheffield (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Nov 17th 1980 - St. George's Hall, Blackburn (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Nov 19th 1980 - Central Hall, Grimsby (supported by Gods Toys) (stub below)
UK Frontier Tour stub 19th November 1980
UK Frontier Tour stub 19th November 1980
∙Nov 20th 1980 - Leeds Polytechnic (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Nov 22nd 1980 - Friars Club, Aylesbuy< (supported by Gods Toys)
Nov 23rd 1980 - Lyceum, London (supported by Gods Toys) (Ants walk off stage)
(incorrectly listed as 11th Nov 1980)
∙Nov 24th 1980 - Odeon, Doncaster (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Nov 25th 1980 - New Theatre, Oxford (supported by Gods Toys)
Nov 26th 1980 - St. George's Hall, Exeter (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Nov 27th 1980 - Cornish Riviera (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Nov 28th 1980 - Gaumont, Southampton (supported by Gods Toys)
Nov 29th 1980 - Odeon, Lewishham, London (supported by Gods Toys)
ad from Sounds (8th Nov 1980) (click to enlarge)

Poster for the above gig (click to enlarge)
Nov 30th 1980 - Top Rank, Cardiff (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Dec 1st 1980 - Top Rank, Brighton (supported by Gods Toys)
Flyer for the Brighton gig (click to enlarge)
∙Dec 2nd 1980 - Tiffany's Coventry (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Dec 3rd 1980 - Victoria Hall, Hanley (CANCELLED) (stub below)
Dec 3rd cancelled gig (click to enlarge)
∙Dec 4th 1980 - Kings Hall, Derby (supported by Gods Toys)
Poster for the Derby gig (click to enlarge)
Dec 5th 1980 - Odeon, Taunton (supported by Gods Toys)
Dec 7th 1980 - Locarno, Bristol (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Dec 8th 1980 - Odeon Theatre, Birmingham (supported by Gods Toys)
Stub for the Birmingham gig (click to enlarge)
Dec 12th 1980 - Guamont, Ipswich (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Dec 13th 1980 - Odeon, Chelmsford (supported by Gods Toys)
Stub for the Chelsmford gig (click to enlarge)
∙Dec 14th 1980 - Odeon, Canterbury (supported by Gods Toys)
∙Dec 15th 1980 - Apollo Theatre, Manchester (this gig was filmed)
(Altered Images cancelled as support)
This gig was planned at Manchester University a fortnight earlier - click to enlarge

Another stub for the same gig (click to enlarge)
∙Dec 16th 1980 - Apollo, Manchester
(recorded for promo live film, incl Dog Eat Dog video)

1981 GIGS

from German mag Musik Express, Feb 1981 - thanks to Dietmar (click to enlarge)
∙Feb 10th 1981 - Markthalle, Hamburg (GIG NEVER BOOKED)

Poster for a gig that never happended
∙Feb 11th 1981 - Welcome, Hützel/Bestingen (GIG NEVER BOOKED)
∙Feb 12th 1981 - Rotation, Hannover (GIG NEVER BOOKED)
∙Feb 13th 1981 - Kant Kino, Berlin (GIG NEVER BOOKED)
∙Feb 14th 1981 - To Act, Weissenohe, Nürnberg (GIG NEVER BOOKED)


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Mar 23rd 1981 - City Hall, Newcastle
∙Mar 24th 1981 - Apollo, Glasgow (stub below)
stub for 24th Match 1981 gig (click to enlarge)
∙Mar 26th 1981 - Odeon Theatre, Birmingham
stub for 26th Match 1981 gig (click to enlarge)
Mar 27th 1981 - Dominion Theatre, London
Mar 28th 1981 - Dominion Theatre, London
∙Mar 29th 1981 - Apollo Theatre, Manchester (new date stamped on ticket stub)
stub for 29th Match 1981 gig (click to enlarge)


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∙Apr ?th 1981 - New York
∙Apr 3rd 1981 - Paradise Club, Boston, Massachusetts
∙Apr 4th 1981 - Irvine Auditorium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Stub for Apr 4th 1981 gig. Click To Enlarge
Thanks to Joe, this is the stub for the Apr 4th gig in 1981 - click to enlarge
∙Apr 7th 1981 - Bayou Club, Washington DC
Apr 8th 1981 - Ritz Ballroom, New York
(released as Creative Artistry and Tender Ants bootlegs)
∙Apr 10th 1981 - California Hall, San Francisco
∙Apr 11th 1981 - Perkin's Place, Pasadena
∙Apr 13th 1981 - Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles
∙Apr 14th 1981 - Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles
∙Apr 16th 1981 - Parkwest Club, Chicago
∙Apr 17th 1981 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada
∙Apr 18th 1981 - Le Club, Montreal, Canada
∙Apr 22nd 1981 - Metro, Boston, Massachusetts
∙Apr 24th 1981 - The Palladium, New York
∙Apr 28th 1981 - The Venue, London (MS victims charity gig)


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∙May 2nd 1981 - Pier 84, New York
May 3rd 1981 - Paradise Ballroom, Boston, Massachusetts
∙May 6th 1981 - Royal Palace Theatre, Albany
May 11th 1981 - Göta Lejon Theatre, Stockholm
∙May 12th 1981 - Odd Fellow Palæet, Copenhagen
(support - TV-2 from Denmark)
∙May 15th 1981 - Meervaart, Amsterdam
∙May 16th 1981 - Brussels
∙May 18th 1981 - Elysée Montmartre, Paris
May 18th 1981, Paris. (Wrongly listed on eBay as 1987)
May 19th 1981 - Elysée Montmartre, Paris
∙May 21st 1981 - Lyon
∙May 22nd 1981 - Aix-en-Provence
∙May 24th 1981 - Volkshaus, Zurich
Ants in Zurich - used with permission © 2004 Ueli Frey
May 25th 1981 - Teatro Manzoni, Bologna, Italy (Antmusic bootleg LP)
May 26th 1981 - Rolling Stone, Milano, Italy (from bootleg LP)
May 28th 1981 - Palau Blau, Barcelona, Spain
Poster for the Munich gig. Click To Enlarge
Poster for the Munich gig (click to enlarge)
Jun 1st 1981 - Alabama Halle, Munchen, Germany (ANTS bootleg LP)
Jun 3rd 1981 - Mülheim Stadthalle, Köln
Jun 4th 1981 - Metropol, Berlin
∙Jun 6th 1981 - Jersey, Channel Islands
∙Jun 7th 1981 - Guernsey, Channel Islands
Jun 10th 1981 - Coliseum, St. Austell


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Japanes dates for the 1981 tour. Click To Enlarge
Thanks to Betsy, this poster shows the Japanese dates - click to enlarge
Sep 8th 1981 - Pier 84, New York (Dr. Pepper Music Festival)
Sep 14th 1981 - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles
∙Sep 24th 1981 - Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia
∙Oct 1st 1981 - Apollo Theatre, Adelaide, Australia
∙Oct 4th 1981 - Entertainment, Perth, Australia
Oct 8th 1981 - Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan (Live In Tokyo video)
(stub below, click to enlarge)
Japanese ticket stub from the Live In Tokyo gig. Click To Enlarge
Thanks to Betsy, here's a Japanese stub for Oct 8th, filmed for Live In Tokyo vid
∙Oct 9th 1981 - Osaka, Japan
(previously listed as 10th, Jap tour poster shows 9th)
∙Oct 13th 1981 - Nagoya, Japan
∙Oct 14th 1981 - Kyoto, Japan
∙Oct 15th 1981 - Tokyo, Japan


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∙Dec 14th 1981 - Cornish Riviera Club, St. Austell, Cornwall
∙Dec 15th 1981 - Cornish Riviera Club, St. Austell, Cornwall
∙Dec 17th 1981 - Drury Lane, London
Dec 18th 1981 - Drury Lane, London
∙Dec 19th 1981 - Drury Lane, London
∙Dec 21st 1981 - Dominion, London
∙Dec 22nd 1981 - Dominion, London
∙Dec 23rd 1981 - Dominion, London
∙Dec 24th 1981 - Dominion, London (clickable stub below)
Christmas Eve 1981 stub (click to enlarge)
∙Dec 28th 1981 - Conference Centre, Brighton
∙Dec 29th 1981 - Conference Centre, Brighton
Dec 30th 1981 - Conference Centre, Brighton (clickable stub below)
Brighton Centre 1981 stub (click to enlarge)

1982 GIGS

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∙Jan 3rd 1982 - Apollo, Manchester (2 clickable stubs below)

2 stubs for the 3rd Jan gig in Manchester (click to enlarge)
∙Jan 4th 1982 - Apollo, Manchester
Jan 5th 1982 - Apollo, Manchester
∙Jan 6th 1982 - Apollo, Manchester
∙Jan 8th 1982 - City Hall, Newcastle
∙Jan 9th 1982 - City Hall, Newcastle
∙Jan 11th 1982 - Apollo, Glasgow
∙Jan 12th 1982 - Apollo, Glasgow
∙Jan 13th 1982 - Apollo, Glasgow (stub below)
Glasgow stub 13th January 1982
Glasgow stub 13th January 1982
Prince Charming Revue stub 16th January 1982
Stub for Jan 16th 1982
∙Jan 18th 1982 - Odeon, Birmingham
∙Jan 19th 1982 - Odeon, Birmingham (stub below)
Stub for Jan 19th 1982 (click to enlarge)
∙Jan 20th 1982 - Odeon, Birmingham
∙Jan 22nd 1982 - Deeside Leisure Centre
∙Jan 23rd 1982 - Deeside Leisure Centre


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∙Jul 18th 1982 - Coliseum, London (benefit gig: South Atlantic Fund - The Falklands)
Sep 2nd 1982 - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles
Oct 1st 1982 - Astoria Theatre, London (secret gig, also known as Oct 5th 1982)
∙Oct 28th 1982 - Majestic Performing Arts Center, (Possibly San Antonio, Texas?)
(courtesy of Monk)
∙Nov 1st 1982 - Apollo, Glasgow (stub below)
(initially pencilled in as St. David's Hall, Cardiff)

Marco didn't play due to him being fed up touring. After this gig the (then) guitarist broke an arm & Marco then had to step into the rest of the tour.
(Thanks to Joe for this)

Glasgow stub 1st November 1982
Glasgow stub 1st November 1982
∙Nov 3rd 1982 - Conference Centre, Brighton (stub below - click to enlarge)
Ticket stub from the Brighton gig. Click To Enlarge
Stub for Nov 3rd gig (click to enlarge)

Ticket stub from the Southampton gig. Click To Enlarge
Poster for Nov 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gigs (click to enlarge)
∙Nov 4th 1982 - Gaumont, Southampton (stub below - click to enlarge)
Ticket stub from the Southampton gig. Click To Enlarge
Stub for Nov 4th gig (click to enlarge)
∙Nov 5th 1982 - Gaumont, Ipswich
∙Nov 6th 1982 - Odeon Theatre, Birmingham (stub below)
Stub for Nov 6th gig (click to enlarge)
∙Nov 8th 1982 - Capitol Theatre, New York
∙Nov 11h 1982 - Malibu Beach Club, Lido Beach, New York
∙Nov 12th 1982 - Main Event, Providence, RI
∙Nov 13th 1982 - Agora, Hartford, CT
∙Nov 15th 1982 - Wax Museum, Washington DC
Nov 16th 1982 - Roseland, New York (3 clickable stubs below)
Set list from Xena (click to enlarge)

Stub for Nov 16th gig (click to enlarge)

Another stub for Nov 16th gig (click to enlarge)

Yet another stub for Nov 16th gig (click to enlarge)
∙Nov 18th 1982 - Metro, Boston, Massachusetts
∙Nov 19th 1982 - Halloran Ballroom, Pennsauken, New Jersey
Nov 20th 1982 - Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey
∙Nov 22nd 1982 - Royal Oak Music Theater, Royal Oak, Michigan
∙Nov 23rd 1982 - Agora, Cleveland, Ohio
∙Nov 24th 1982 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois
∙Nov 25th 1982 - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
∙Nov 27th 1982 - Bronco Bowl, Dallas, Texas
∙Nov 29th 1982 - Rockers, Houston, Texas
∙Nov 30th 1982 - Opry House, Austin, Texas
∙Dec 1st 1982 - Texas Rocks, San Antonio, Texas
∙Dec 3rd 1982 - Graham Central Station, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dec 4th 1982 - Graham Central Station, Phoenix, Arizona
∙Dec 5th 1982 - Fox Theatre, San Diego, California
∙Dec 6th 1982 - Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, California
∙Dec 7th 1982 - Wolf & Rismillers Country Club, Reseda, California
∙Dec 11th 1982 - Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR
∙Dec 13th 1982 - Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
(initially pencilled in as Wembley Arena, London)
∙Dec 16th 1982 - The Palace, Los Angeles, CA
(confirmed by Maureen Mavar's backstage pass)

1983 GIGS

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∙Jan 23rd 1983 - Florida
∙Jan 25th 1983 - Bob Carr Auditorium, Orlando, Florida
∙Jan 26th 1983 - Sunrise Theatre, Sunrise, Florida
∙Jan 27th 1983 - Jai Alai Fronton, Tampa, Florida
∙Jan 29th 1983 - Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia
∙Jan 30th 1983 - Civic Centre, Raleigh, North Carolina
∙Feb 1st 1983 - Chrysler Auditorium, Norfolk, Virginia
∙Feb 2nd 1983 - Ritchie Coliseum, College Park, Maryland
∙Feb 3rd 1983 - Kirby Fieldhouse, Lafayette Coll, Easton, Allentown, Pennsylvania
∙Feb 5th 1983 - The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feb 6th 1983 - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts
∙Feb 8th 1983 - Palace Theatre, Albany, New York
∙Feb 10th 1983 - Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
∙Feb 11th 1983 - Shea's Buffalo, Buffalo, New York
∙Feb 13th 1983 - Joregnsen Auditorium, Univ of Connecticut & Storrs, Connecticut
∙Feb 14th 1983 - E. M. Lowe Performing Arts Theater, Worcester, Massachusetts
∙Feb 15th 1983 - Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, New York
∙Feb 17th 1983 - Auditorium Theatre, Rochester, New York
∙Feb 18th 1983 - Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada
∙Feb 20th 1983 - The Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio
(Adam twists knee, resulting in 28 cancelled dates*)
∙Feb 21st 1983 - Hill Auditorium, Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor (CANCELLED)
∙Feb 22nd 1983 - De Voss Auditorium, Grand Rapids, Michigan (CANCELLED)
∙Feb 24th 1983 - Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin (CANCELLED)
∙Feb 25th 1983 - Eagle's Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (CANCELLED)
∙Feb 26th 1983 - Civic Center, Des Moines, Iowa (CANCELLED)
∙Mar 1st 1983 - MSU Auditorium, Lansing, Michigan (CANCELLED)
(see Apr 18th 1983)
∙Mar 5th 1983 - Memorial Hall, Dayton, Ohio (confirmed by stub, thanks to Monk)
∙Mar 8th 1983 - Memorial Coliseum, Lexington, Ohio [support: INXS]
(thanks to Amy)
∙Mar 11th 1983 - Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan (poster below)
Poster for Mar 11th 83 gig (click to enlarge)
∙Mar 16th 1983 - Lloyd Noble Center, Norman, Oklahoma
∙Mar 26th 1983 - Palm Desert, California
∙Mar 28th 1983 - Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, California
(venue confirmed by Maureen Mavar)
∙Mar 29th 1983 - Warnors Theatre, Fresno, California
(venue confirmed by Maureen Mavar)
∙Mar 31st 1983 - Ben H. Lewis Hall, Riverside, California (stubs below)
Stub for Mar 31st 83 gig (click to enlarge)

Another stub for Mar 31st 83 gig (click to enlarge)
Apr 1st 1983 - Long Beach Auditorium, Long Beach, California
[support: INXS] (confirmed by Maureen Mavar's backstage pass)
∙Apr 2nd 1983 - San Francisco, California
∙Apr 5th 1983 - Des Moines, Iowa
∙Apr 6th 1983 - Braden Auditorium, ISU Campus, Normal, Illinois
(confirmed by Monk)
∙Apr 8th 1983 - Meadville, Pennsylvania
∙Apr 9th 1983 - Shippensburg State College, Heighes Fieldhouse, Shipp'burg, PA
∙Apr 10th 1983 - Jamaica, New York
∙Apr 12th 1983 - Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts [support: INXS]
Stub for April 12th gig (click to enlarge)
∙Apr 13th 1983 - Springfield, Missouri
∙Apr 14th 1983 - Dayton, Ohio
∙Apr 17th 1983 - Cincinatti, Ohio
∙Apr 18th 1983 - MSU Auditorium, Lansing, Michigan [support: INXS]
(initially Mar 1st 1983)
March 1st stub for April 18th gig (click to enlarge) (thanks to Stace)
∙Apr 20th 1983 - Grand Rapids, Michigan
∙Apr 21st 1983 - Ann Arbour, Michigan
∙Apr 23rd 1983 - Lexington, Kentucky
∙Apr 24th 1983 - Vets Memorial, Columbus, Ohio
∙Apr 26th 1983 - Toledo, Ohio
∙Apr 27th 1983 - Holiday Star Theatre, Merrillville, Indiana [support: INXS]
Apr 29th 1983 - Eagles Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
∙Apr 30th 1983 - Madison, Wisconsin
∙May 3rd 1983 - St. Louis, Missouri
∙May 4th 1983 - Kansas City, Missouri
∙May 6th 1983 - Norman, Oklahoma [support: INXS]
∙May 7th 1983 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
∙May 8th 1983 - College Station, Texas
∙May 9th 1983 - New Orleans, Louisiana
∙May 10th 1983 - San Antonio, Texas
∙May 13th 1983 - Mesa Amphitheatre, Arizona
(date and venue of Alfie Noakes soundcheck)
∙May 14th 1983 - Civic Centre, El Paso, Texas
∙May 16th 1983 - Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas
∙May 17th 1983 - Opera House, Austin, Texas
∙May 18th 1983 - Bronco Bowl, Dallas, Texas
*Adam had to cancel 28 dates because of his knee injury and was rescheduled to continue up until May 20th with dates in California, Texas, Arizona, Kentucky and Nebraska. That means there are some missing dates for this tour. If you can fill in the missing dates please email.

1984 GIGS

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Strip Tour guest pass (click to enlarge)
Strip Tour after show pass (click to enlarge)
∙Jan 28th 1984 - Atlanta Civic Centre, Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 29th 1984 - (travel day) (was listed here as Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia)
Jan 31st 1984 - James L Knight Center, Miami, Florida [support - Romantics]
(thanks to Sandy)
Stub for Jan 31st gig (click to enlarge)
∙Feb 1st 1984 - Bayfront Centre, St Petersburg, Florida
Feb 2nd 1984 - (travel day)
∙Feb 3rd 1984 - Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama
∙Feb 4th 1984 - Cooke Convention Center, Memphis, Tennessee
∙Feb 5th 1984 - Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tennessee
Feb 6th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Feb 7th 1984 - Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia
Feb 8th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Feb 9th 1984 - rehearsal for Saturday Night Live, New York City
Feb 10th 1984 - (day off)
∙Feb 11th 1984 - Saturday Night Live performance, New York City
Feb 12th 1984 - State College, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Feb 13th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Feb 14th 1984 - Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Feb 15th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Feb 16th 1984 - Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York
∙Feb 17th 1984 - Capitol Theater, Passaic, New Jersey
∙Feb 18th 1984 - Mid-Hudson Civic Centre, Poughkeepsie, New Jersey
Feb 19th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Feb 20th 1984 - Spectrum Showcase Theater, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
∙Feb 21st 1984 - D.A.R. Constitutional Mall, Washington, District of Columbia
∙Feb 22nd 1984 - Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Feb 23rd 1984 - (travel to NY)
Feb 24th 1984 - (day off in NY)
∙Feb 25th 1984 - Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York
Feb 26th 1984 - Civic Center, Springfield, Maryland
Feb 27th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Feb 28th 1984 - Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Minnesota
Feb 29th 1984 - (travel to Boston)
∙Mar 1st 1984 - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts [support - Romantics]
∙Mar 2nd 1984 - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts [support - Romantics]
Stub for March 2nd gig (click to enlarge)
∙Mar 3rd 1984 - Jai Alai Fronton, Milford, Connecticut
Mar 4th 1984 - Walsh Gym, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey
Mar 5th 1984 - (day off)
∙Mar 6th - War Memorial Performance Centre, Rochester, New York
Mar 7th 1984 - Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio (was listed here as Music Hall)
Mar 8th - (travel day)
∙Mar 9th - Vets Memorial, Columbus, Ohio
∙Mar 10th 1984 - Masonic Auditorium, Detroit, Michigan
(was listed here as Masonic Temple)
∙Mar 11th 1984 - Wing Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Mar 12th - (day off)
∙Mar 13th - Wendler Arena, Saginaw, Michigan
Mar 14th - (day off)
∙Mar 15th - Lansing Civic Center, Lansing, Michigan
Stub for March 15th gig (click to enlarge) (Thanks to Stace)
∙Mar 16th 1984 - University of Toledo Centennial Hall, Toledo, Ohio
Mar 17th 1984 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois
Mar 18th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Mar 19th 1984 - Des Moines Civic, Des Moines, Iowa
∙Mar 20th 1984 - Palmer Auditorium, Devonport, Iowa
Mar 21st 1984 - (travel day)
∙Mar 22nd 1984 - La Crosse Centre, La Crosse, Wisconsin
∙Mar 23rd 1984 - Flags Arena, Dubuque, Iowa
(was listed here as Five Flags Centre)
∙Mar 24th 1984 - Omaha Civic Auditorium Arena, Omaha, Nebraska
(thanks to Betsy, stub below)
Strip Tour stub 24th March 1984
Strip Tour stub 24th March 1984
Mar 25th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Mar 26th 1984 - Metro Centre, Rockford, Illinois
∙Mar 27th 1984 - Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN
∙Mar 28th 1984 - Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, Missouri
Mar 29th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Mar 30th 1984 - Soldiers And Sailors Memorial Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri
∙Mar 31st 1984 - Lloyd Noble Arena, Norman, Oklahoma
∙Apr 1st 1984 - Old Lady of Brady, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Apr 2nd 1984 - (day off)
∙Apr 3rd 1984 - Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana
(was listed as University of New Orleans)
∙Apr 4th 1984 - Sam Houston Music Hall, Houston, Texas
Stub for Aril 4th gig (click to enlarge)
Apr 5th 1984 - (day off)
∙Apr 6th 1984 - Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, Texas
(previously listed as on the 5th Apr)
∙Apr 7th 1984 - Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas (support - Joe King Carrasco)
Apr 8th 1984 - (travel day)
Apr 9th 1984 - (travel day)
Apr 10th 1884 - (travel day)
Apr 11th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Apr 12th 1984 - Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington
∙Apr 13th 1984 - Portland Civic, Portland, Oregon
Apr 14th 1984 - (day off)
∙Apr 15th 1984 - Hult Centre For The Performing Arts, Eugene, Oregon
Apr 16th 1984 - (travel day)
∙Apr 17th 1984 - San Jose Civic, San Jose, California
Apr 18th 1984 - (day off)
∙Apr 19th 1984 - Freeborn Hall, Davis, California
∙Apr 20th 1984 - Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California
∙Apr 21st 1984 - Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, California
(thanks to Maureen Mavar)
∙Apr 22nd 1984 - Golden Hall, Santa Diego, California (thanks to Maureen Mavar)
Apr 23rd 1984 - (day off in Los Angeles)
Apr 24th 1984 - (day off in Los Angeles)
∙Apr 25th 1984 - Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, California
∙Apr 26th 1984 - Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, California
(tour poster below)
∙Apr 27th 1984 - Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, California
(thanks to Maureen Mavar)
Strip Tour Poster 26th April 1984
Strip Tour Poster 26th April 1984

1985 GIGS

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Aug 23rd 1985 - Bull Ring, Marbella, Spain
Green poster for Spain gig (clickable)
Pink poster for Spain gig (clickable)
For more images from this venue, click the image above
∙Sep 10th 1985 - Gaumont, Southampton (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 11th 1985 - Hippodrome, Bristol (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 12th 1985 - Apollo, Manchester (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 13th 1985 - Apollo, Manchester (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 14th 1985 - City Hall, Sheffield (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 15th 1985 - Empire, Liverpool (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 17th 1985 - City Hall, Newcastle (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 18th 1985 - Playhouse, Edinburgh (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 19th 1985 - Barrowland, Glasgow (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 20th 1985 - Capitol, Aberdeen (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 21st 1985 - De Montfort Hall, Leicester (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 22nd 1985 - Gaumont, Ipswich (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 23rd 1985 - Dome, Brighton (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 24th 1985 - Nottingham Concert Hall, Nottingham (CANCELLED)
∙Sep 25th 1985 - Hammersmith Odeon, London
Sep 27th 1985 - Apollo, Manchester [support - Beltane Fire]
∙Sep 28th 1985 - Odeon, Birmingham
∙Oct 10th 1985 - Frontier, California
∙Oct 11th 1985 - The College, Santa Cruz, California
Oct 12th 1985 - Concord Pavilion, Concord, California
∙Oct 13th 1985 - Reno, NV
∙Oct 15th 1985 - Santa Barbara, California
∙Oct 17th 1985 - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Oct 18th 1985 - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, California
∙Oct 19th 1985 - Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, California
∙Oct 21st 1985 - UCSD Gym, La Jolla, California
(confirmed by Maureen Mavar's stub)
∙Oct 22nd 1985 - Palace West, Phoenix, Arizona
∙Oct ??th 1985 - Lubbock, Texas
∙Oct ??th 1985 - Austin, Texas (CANCELLED)
∙Oct ??th 1985 - Houston, Texas
∙Oct 28th 1985 - Majestic Theatre, San Antonio, Texas (confirmed by Monk)
∙Oct 29th 1985 - Bronco Bowl, Dallas, Texas (confirmed by Monk)
∙Oct 30th 1985 - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts
∙Oct 31st 1985 - Calderone Theatre, New York
∙Nov 2nd 1985 - Shreveport, Louisiana
∙Nov 4th 1985 - Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana (poster below)
New Orleans gig poster (click to enlarge)
∙Nov 9th 1985 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois
∙Nov 12th 1985 - Grand Rapids, Michigan
∙Nov 13th 1985 - Royal Oak Music Theater, Royal Oak, Michigan
[support: Wall Of Voodoo] (previously listed as Fox Theatre, Detroit...TBC)
∙Nov 14th 1985 - Royal Oak Music Theater, Royal Oak, Michigan
[support: Wall Of Voodoo] (confirmed by Kevin Pyle)
Nov 23rd 1985 - Capitol Theatre, New Jersey
∙Nov 24th 1985 - Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, New York
Nov 26th 1985 - Radio City Music Hall, New York
Nov 27th 1985 - D.A.R. Constitution Hall, Washington, DC
∙Nov 29th 1985 - Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov 30th 1985 - (travel day)
∙Dec 1st 1985 - The Boat House, Norfolk, Virginia
Dec 2nd 1985 - (day off)
Dec 3rd 1985 - (day off)
Dec 4th 1985 - (day off)
Dec 5th 1985 - (travel day/day off)
∙Dec 6th 1985 - Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia
Dec 7th 1985 - (travel day/day off)
Dec 8th 1985 - (day off)
Dec 9th 1985 - (day off)
∙Dec 10th 1985 - Florida Theatre, Jacksonville, Florida
Dec 11th 1985 - (day off)
Dec 12th 1985 - (day off)
∙Dec 13th 1985 - Bay Front Theatre, Tampa/St Petersburg, Florida
∙Dec 14th 1985 - Sunrise Musical Theatre, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
[support: Wall Of Voodoo]
Dec 15th 1985 - (fly home)
Stub for Dec 14th gig (click to enlarge)

1987 GIGS

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Dec 8th 1987 - Limelight Club, London
(Ant Fanclub Disco)

1992 GIGS

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Dec 26th 1992 - Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, California
(acoustic at KROQ Xmas party - Christmas For Homeless)

1993 GIGS

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∙Feb 1st 1993 - Burbank, Los Angeles, California
(rehearsal gig officially released as live bonus disc)
∙Feb 22nd 1993 - The Strand, Redondo Beach, California
∙Feb 23rd 1993 - Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, California
∙Feb 24th 1993 - Concert Hall, Ventura Theatre, California
Feb 25th 1993 - Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, California
Feb 26th 1993 - Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, California
∙Feb 27th 1993 - Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (stub & poster below)
stub for 27th Feb 1993 gig (click to enlarge)
Feb 28th 1993 - Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (stub & poster below)
stub for 28th Feb 1993 gig (click to enlarge)
Mar 1st 1993 - Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, California (poster below)
poster for the Henry Fonda Theatre gigs (click to enlarge)
∙Mar 3rd 1993 - The Warfield, San Francisco, California (stub below)
Persuasion Tour stub 3rd March 1993 - click to enlarge
San Francisco stub (click to enlarge)
∙Mar 4th 1993 - Crest Theater, Sacramento, California (CANCELLED)
∙Mar 4th 1993 - Club, Palm Springs, California
∙Mar 5th 1993 - Iguanas, Tijuana, Mexico
(confirmed by ticket stub of Andrea Horne, Cleveland, Ohio)
∙Mar 6th 1993 - Las Vegas, Nevada (date confirmed by Monk)
(signing session on this date too)
∙Mar 7th 1993 - Phoenix, Arizona (CANCELLED due to bankrupt theater)
∙Mar 9th 1993 - Dallas, Texas (date confirmed by Monk)
Mar 10th 1993 - Sneakers, Austin, Texas [support - Zu Zu's Petals]
(thanks to Tom F)
∙Mar 1?th 1993 - Tampa, Florida
∙Mar 1?th 1993 - Atlanta, Georgia
∙Mar 1?th 1993 - Washington DC (TBC)
∙Mar 16th 1993 - Industry, Pontiac, Michigan (confirmed by Kevin Pyle)
∙Mar 17th 1993 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
∙Mar 18th 1993 - Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia [support - Zu Zu's Petals]
(confirmed by 3TA ticket stub)
∙Mar 19th 1993 - Irving Plaza, New York, New York (confirmed by Monk)
(signed stub below from Jennifer McHugh)
Persuasion Tour stub 19th March 1993 - click to enlarge
Autographed stub from New York gig (click to enlarge)
Mar 20th 1993 - City Gardens, Trenton, New Jersey (confirmed by 3TA)
∙Mar ??th 1993 - Chicago, Illinois
∙Mar ??th 1993 - Milwaukee, WI
∙Mar ??th 1993 - Boston, Massachusetts
∙Mar ??th 1993 - Cleveland, Ohio
Dec 30th 1993 - Concert Theatre, Ventura, California (t-shirt below)
∙Dec 31st 1993 - The Great Western Forum, San Francisco, California (t-shirt below)
(with Duran Duran and Village People)

1994 GIGS

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∙Jan 3rd 1994 - Coach House, San Capistrano, California (t-shirt below)
(opened by Sprocket)
1993-1994 3 New Years Show's t-shirt back - click to enlarge
1993-1994 3 New Years Show's t-shirt back (click to enlarge)

1993-1994 3 New Years Show's t-shirt front - click to enlarge
1993-1994 3 New Years Show's t-shirt front (click to enlarge)
∙Sep 1994 - EMI Conference, Brighton
(Adam plays three songs)(thanks to Monk/Adam's book)
∙Nov 1994 - Adam and Marco play an acoustic set (thanks to Monk/Adam's book)

1995 GIGS

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Jan 5th 1995 - Centrum, Worcester, Massachustetts
(Nine Inch Nails gig w/ Marco) (poster below)
Colour poster from the Nine Inch Nails gig
colour poster for Jan 1st NIN gig

poster from the Nine Inch Nails gig
poster for Jan 1st NIN gig (click to enlarge)
Jan 6th 1995 - Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
Mar 7th 1995 - Virgin Megastore, Los Angeles
Mar 8th 1995 - Tower Records, San Francisco

Mar 14th 1995 - Wheatsheaf, Stoke on Trent
∙Mar 17th 1995 - Olympia Theatre, Dublin (confirmed ticket stub)
∙Mar 19th 1995 - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow (stub below, click to enlarge)
Ticket stub from the Glasgow gig. Click To Enlarge
Thanks to Joe, here's the stub for Mar 19th - click to enlarge
Mar 20th 1995 - Arena, Middlesborough
Mar 22nd 1995 - Shepherds Bush Empire, London (stub below)
Stub for March 22nd gig (click to enlarge)
Stub for March 23rd gig (click to enlarge)
Adam's acoustic tour
Poster for Adam's acoustic sets (click to enlarge)
∙Apr 3rd 1995 - Coda, Edinburgh [12:30] (acoustic set)
Apr 3rd 1995 - Tower Records, Glasgow [17:30] (acoustic set)
∙Apr 4th 1995 - Our Price, Newcastle [12:30] (acoustic set)
∙Apr 5th 1995 - HMV Megastore, Manchester [12:30] (acoustic set)
∙Apr 5th 1995 - HMV, Liverpool [16:30] (acoustic set)
∙Apr 6th 1995 - Ainley's, Leicester [12:30] (acoustic set)
∙Apr 5th 1995 - Virgin Megastore, Birmingham [16:30] (acoustic set)
Apr 7th 1995 - Tower Records, Piccadilly, London [16:30] (acoustic set)
∙Apr 5th 1995 - HMV, Regent (or Oxford) Street, London [16:30?] (acoustic set)
∙Apr 13th 1995 - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC
Apr 14th 1995 - Moore Theatre, Seattle, Washington
∙Apr 15th 1995 - The Roseland, Portland, Oregan
Apr 17th 1995 - The Edge, Palo Alto, California
∙Apr 18th 1995 - The Fillmore, San Francisco, California
∙Apr 19th 1995 - Ventura Theater, Ventura, California
∙Apr 20th 1995 - The Viper Room, Los Angeles, California
Apr 21st 1995 - Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, California
(support: The Murmurs, thanks to Nahalia)
∙Apr 22nd 1995 - Plaza Festival, Rosarita Beach, Mexico
∙Apr 23rd 1995 - Edgefest, Dallas, Texas
∙Apr 24th 1995 - Electric Ballroom, Phoenix, Arizona
∙Apr 27th 1995 - Party on the Plaza, Houston, Texas
∙Apr 28th 1995 - Austin Music Hall, Austin, Texas (support - The Murmurs)
∙Apr 29th 1995 - Sound Warehouse Record store, Austin, Texas
(Adam and Marco in store)
(performed Wonderful, Alien and Gotta Be A Sin)
∙Apr 29th 1995 - Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, Oklahoma
∙May 1st 1995 - New Regency Showcase, Springfield, MO
∙May 2nd 1995 - Blue Note, Columbia, MO
∙May 4th 1995 - Music Hall, Columbus, Ohio
∙May 5th 1995 - Bogarts, Cincinnati, Ohio
(confirmed by Andrea Horne's ticket stub)
May 6th 1995 - Beale Street Music Festival, Memphis, Tennessee
∙May 8th 1995 - Club Five, Jacksonville, Florida
∙May 9th 1995 - Ritz Theater, Tampa, Florida
∙May 10th 1995 - The Edge, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
∙May 11th 1995 - The Edge, Orlando, Florida
∙May 13th 1995 - Music Midtown, Atlanta, Florida
∙May 15th 1995 - Z-100 May Day Show, The Roseland, New York, NY
∙May 16th 1995 - The Bayou, Washington, DC
(CANCELLED pneumonia - Adam and Marco)
∙May 17th 1995 - The Jon Stewart Show, New York, NY (CANCELLED)
∙May 18th 1995 - The Strand, Providence, RI (CANCELLED)
∙May 19th 1995 - Avalon Ballroom, Boston, Massachusetts (CANCELLED)
∙May 20th 1995 - The Academy, New York, NY
∙May 22nd 1995 - The Phoenix, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
∙May 23rd 1995 - Odeon, Cleveland, Ohio (see the poster below)
Adam in Cleveleand
Adam in Cleveleand, Ohio
∙May 24th 1995 - St Andrew’s Hall, Detroit, Michigan (CANCELLED)
∙May 26th 1995 - Riverport Amphitheatre, St Louis, MO
∙May 27th 1995 - Q101 Radio Show, Chicago, Illinois
∙May 28th 1995 - KRBE Radio Show, Houston, Texas
∙May 29th 1995 - WLUM Radio Show, Milwaukee, WI
∙May 31st 1995 - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
∙Jun 3rd 1995 - Fiddler’s Green, Denver, Colorado
∙Jun 9th 1995 - Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, San Francisco, CA
(LIVE 105 B.F.D.II Festival - t-shirt below)
B.F.D. II Festival t-shirt
B.F.D. II Festival t-shirt
∙Jun 10th 1995 - Lawlor Events Center, Reno, Nevada
1997 GIGS

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Jun 6th 1997 - Westminster University, London
(performed "Wannabe" with Dizzy Q Viper)
2007 GIGS

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Stacey's Bloomsbury stub
Stacey's personalised Bloomsbury stub (click to enlarge)

Inside the Bloomsbury brochure
Inside the Bloomsbury brochure

Adam Ant Art