New Adam & The Ants 3 CD compilation

Original Album ClassicsIt has been quite a while since Sony have thrown together ‘yet another’ Ants compilation, mainly due to them fulfilling their contracted number of compilation releases.  However, the Ant machine has been disturbed by the announcement of a 3 CD box set of Adam And The Ants‘ first three albums.  Except there has been no announcement by Sony, Columbia, Legacy. nor by its American arm,

The collection is entitled Original Album Classics and is the latest in over 200 such collections from the Sony and Warner/Rhino labels.  The compilation is due to be released on September 26th 2011, however no track listing has yet been released.  Judging by the album sleeves displayed on the cover (above) we are free to assume what will appear for now.

1983 US Dirk

1983 US Dirk

This collection uses the American sleeve for the 1983 release of Dirk Wears White Søx, so therefore, we could be looking at the same track listing used on that edition. That would indicate the absence of gems such as Catholic Day, Day I Met God and Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2), but including Zerøx, Whip In My Valise, Cartrouble (single version) and Kick!. Of course, there’s always the chance that they could just use the 2004 remastered track list, but that seems unlikely. The last time the US version was released on CD was in 1990.

Jap Kings CD 2009

The Kings Of The Wild Frontier CD in this compilation is a little tougher to guess.  If the Dirk CD is indeed the US track listing, then it is fair apply the same rule to the Kings one.  The US version of Kings replaced Making History with Physical (You’re So), and also added Press Darlings.  However the CD sleeve to the US version has a horrid yellow border around the album cover, which is not shown on this compilation’s cover.  A further possibility is that they could be using the superb Japanese mini-LP CD release from 2009.  Probably THE best CD sleeve for Kings ever (left).  It’s cardboard, but if the image was used for this new release as well, then full marks to them.  The Japanese release uses the standard 12 tracks from the original 1980 UK LP, but remastered.

Jap 2009 CD

As for Prince Charming, well the track listings for the original CDs have always played the same 10 tracks, even though the sleeve listings have been erroneous. It will be interesting to see if this is corrected on this release.  It’s also worth mentioning that the Japanese 2009 mini LP CD features a high quality gate-fold sleeve, mimicking the original UK LP, even down to the track listing.  The down side is, the CD plays not 10 tracks, but the 16 tracks from the expanded 2004 release.  So it is possible this new release may contain the same error.  All will be revealed in the coming weeks.

While we wait for Amazon and to list the details, let’s all take a peek inside that Japanese Prince Charming CD sleeve:

Japanese 2009 gatefold CD



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WTF tracks uploaded

WTF?Once it became clear that the Carty Mixes CDs were predominantly Ant-based remixes, a gimmick was needed for the non-Ant ones.  And so the WTF volumes were born.  Some of the mixes on the earlier volumes make difficult listening now, however all tracks on all four CDs have been uploaded for your listening pleasure.

It’s a little sad that the WTF series only lasted four volumes, as the covers are truly awesome, and a lot of fun was had researching the images used.  Many thanks to Ant Lady once again for her first class graphic designing.

WTF Vol 1

WTF Vol 2

WTF Vol 3

WTF Vol 4





You can listen to all of the tracks by visiting each volume’s respective web page, linked below:

Time has since moved on and the Carty Mixes and the WTF Mixes will now be replaced with the Blue Carrot Mixes.  More news on that to follow…

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Carty Mixes volumes online

Carty MixesA total of 77 Ant mixes have finally been uploaded to the server here at, covering all 11 volumes of the Carty Mixes. Only 10 were initially made with the final one never being completed.  It’s track listing has now been finalised from the unused mixes in the archives.

The Carty Mixes began back in 2002 with a very simple remix of Adam Ant‘s Wonderful, which is the opening track on Volume 1.  Ironically, an updated version now appears on the final edition, Volume 11.  And now, all the tracks have been added to each volume’s respective page in the Audio section of the site.  Each page has its own media player so that visitors can listening to the mixes (including the dodgy old ones).

To celebrate this, brand new artwork of the first 5 volumes has been unveiled for the first time, re-designed by Ant Lady, who also produced the original artwork.

Vol 1 new

Vol 1 new

Vol 1 old

Vol 1 - old

You can see the old vs new designs which follow a similar colour scheme to volumes 5 to 11. Just click here to see a much larger new one. The Post-it note adds a cool finishing touch. Many thanks to her for designing all of the covers designed for the individual mixes as well as the volumes.

Volume 11 is the last one in the series, and if you visit the page, you’ll see the media player with the 7 mixes loaded.  You’ll also notice no artwork.  Well, it has been created, but with no track listing available at the time, it couldn’t be completed. Hopefully Ant Lady can be persuaded to utilise her magic one more time.  The track listing closing off this series is:

  1. Adam & The Ants vs a-ha – Stand & Deliver vs Take On Me [Carty Mix]
  2. Adam And The Ants – Lou Reed (Dance) [Demo 9 Remix]
  3. Carty – Ants 4 Justin 2009
  4. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours [Ant Lub Remix]
  5. Adam Ant – Wonderful Dream
  6. Adam And The Ants – The Family Of Noise [Dot Com Remix]
  7. Monster Ant Mix [Carty Mix]
Selection CD 1

Selection CD 1

Two additional compilations have also been added to the Ant Mixes section of the website, which are the Carty Ant Mixes Selection CD 1 and CD 2. These were produced for Sony Music in 2005 under the advice of Marco Pirroni. Tracks were selected from the (then) available 8 volumes, for possible inclusion in movie soundtracks.  Alas, nothing ever came of it.

Next for the website is to create pages for the 4 WTF volumes along with media players.  Then we can publish details of Carty’s Other Projects, such as collaborations with The Wolfmen (Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou), Ciaron Marlow, remixes of the Lavender Pill Mob (Kevin Mooney), producing an album for Mantra II (Terry Lee Miall) and not forgetting solo projects, such as the classic Makes Me Proud… (featuring unheard remixes by Simon Clarke and Ciaron Marlow) and Manic In The Boulengerie (the Carty solo album project).

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VIDEO – ‘Antmusic’ [Alternate Stereo Version]

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VIDEO – Physical (You’re So) [Carty’s B-side Version]

The intro begins with a very rare, unreleased, 2004 recording of a very gentle Dog Eat Dog by Marco Pirroni, followed by the live “Hey you up there!” intro to Physical from which this footage in taken from.  The remainder consists of the CBS B-side version of the song, syncronised to Adam‘s live performance at Manchester on the early 1980s.

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Carty Store – an update

Carty StoreIt has always been my intention to make my mixes, remixes and megamixes available for free download. For many years, they were hosted at and are probably still there. Eventually though, I began hosting them on my own web space and that will continue to be the case at Over the years, many had asked if the mixes were available on CD. Not wishing to profit from them, I avoided getting into that. However, I caved in under pressure and set up a store at my old Dutch site. Now I have moved to this location, the store will not be up and running until I have the resources (i.e. printing facilities) in place and costings done to cover materials and postage.

There have been some instances of people still ordering goods at the Carty Store on the Dutch site. Orders which cannot be fulfilled, unfortunately. So now I have redirected the Dutch site to this one. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.



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Get your new Ant t-shirt here!

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The owner of the copyright?

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Hello, I love blue

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Sale now on!

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