All That Glitters Is … Silver!

Broken CD by Silver

Broken CD by Silver

There is something incredibly amazing to get excited about here at Carty Towers.  A brand new Carty remix is about to be unleashed as part of a CD single release! The “Silver Oak Remix” of “Broken” will feature alongside its original version on November 11th 2013 when UK band Silver release their second single.

Silver comprise of Simon Clarke on vocals, and Ciaron Marlow on guitars (and everything else).  They released their first single, an impressive version of “Dear Prudence“, back in 2012, and would not have sounded out of place on Adam Ant‘s “Wonderful” album.

Both have featured as part of the live line-up for The Wolfmen, the project set up by ex-Ants Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou.  Furthermore both have been members of Ant tribute bands, Simon as Antflavour and Ciaron in Madam & The Ants to name but one!

Also, both chaps have each remixed one of Carty‘s own creations, the “Dog Eat Dog” sampling “Makes Me Proud…” back 5 years ago, which have never seen the light of day (but will soon!).

Meanwhile, back in the summer of 2013, as they were adding the finishing touches to their forthcoming album, Carty was asked to remix the forthcoming single, “Broken“, to which he was honored and obliged.  “I asked for a copy of the finished track ahead of being sent the multitrack to get a feel of the song’s vibe.  I fell in love with it from the word go!”

“I stripped down the track to just the vocals and the bass guitar and began to rebuild it piece by piece, replacing the drums, and adding other instruments.  I decided to work on two different remixes, one featuring orchestral strings, and the other more poppy and dancey.  I presented the band with both and they chose the latter, which eventually developed into the Silver Oak Remix, which is the version you’ll hear on the CD.”

The remix was very much a joint effort as it was constantly being updated as the band gave their feedback, and the end result, as I am sure you will hear, is rather epic!

The intro and outro to the remix, has a strong connection to the single’s sleeve, and the name of the remix comes from the name of a very expensive Silver Oak wine, which pops up in the lyrics.

Broken” by Silver will be released on CD on 11th November 2013 and can be ordered from their site at
You can also follow the band on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

If you want to download Silver‘s “Dear Prudence“, you’ll find links on their website linked above.

Coming next … a new Carty project:  Strange Incision cover “Wonderful“!


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