Adam Ant’s new album – a collector’s paradise?

Adam Ant’s new album

There are many people (including myself) who said the day Adam Ant released a new album would never come.  Well, it seems that day is fast approaching.  Get your diaries (and credit cards) out folks!

His first single since 1995’s “Gotta Be A Sin” has already been released.  “Cool Zombie” was released on iTunes download on October 24th 2012 and on 7″ vinyl almost four weeks later, on November 19th.  Furthermore, it’s been released on Adam’s own label, BlueBlack Hussar.

The new album, “Adam Ant Is The BlueBlack Hussar In Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter” is released on Adam’s label in the UK on January 21st 2013.  UK fans can expect 17 tracks spread across a double vinyl LP, plus a CD release.

Fans in the US can order the same 17 tracks, but on a single vinyl LP, and also on CD too.  However, both releases are via a different label, R.E.D. Distribution (ironically part of Sony Music Entertainment in the US).  The album is released a day after the UK date, on January 22nd 2013.

(There are limited signed copies of the UK LP and CD via the, but you have to be quick to snap them up.)

Here’s the tracklisting for the UK double vinyl edition:

Side 1
1. Cool Zombie
2. Stay In The Game
3. Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter
4. Vince Taylor

Side 2
1. Valentines
2. Darlin’ Boy
3. Dirty Beast
4. punkyoungirl
5. Sausage

Side 3
1. Cradle Your Hatred
2. hardmentoughblokes
3. Shrink
4. Vivienne’s Tears

Side 4
1. Who’s A Goofy Bunny?
2. How Can I Say I Miss You?
3. Bullshit
4. How Can I Say I Miss You? (reprise)

It’s the same running orders for the CD editions, and the US vinyl has the first 9 songs on side 1, and the remaining 8 on side 2.  (This means the UK vinyl will have a more superior sound quality due to less music per side.)

BlueBlack Hussar label
To order the UK double LP from, click here.
To order the UK CD from, click here.

R.E.D. Distribution label
To order the US single vinyl LP from, click here.
To order the US CD from, click here.



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