Adam Ant’s “Cool Zombie” remixed

Cool Zombie

I began creating remixes of Adam & The Ants tracks 12 years ago, starting off with a remix of one of his best solo singles, Wonderful.  I added a drum loop sample from James Brown’s Funky Drummer and laid over the top of Bob Clearmountain single remix of Adam’s 1995 hit.  That mix is the opening track of my first ever Carty Mixes compilation CD, which ran for 11 volumes, 7 mixes per CD.

Just in time for Hallowe’en?

After almost 90 Ant remixes later, it was time to dust down Ableton 8 and get to work on Mr. Ant’s brand new single, Cool Zombie, which features Andy Bell from Oasis.  In fact, it’s his first release since 1995, so we’ve come full circle.

Adam has spent the past two years touring the UK and the US, playing many songs from his back catalogue, but only one from his forthcoming album, Adam Ant Is The Blueback Hussar In Marrying The Gunners Daughter.  Adam never promoted Cool Zombie on the tour, nor its B side (Gun In Your Pocket), nor any other album track (apart from Vince Taylor, which is trully awesome live!).

Adam had announced some time ago, that he was to release punkyoungirl as the comeback single, which even received some radio airplay at the time.  The track was very underproduced with poorly recorded vocals (like much of his new album tracks).  However, I felt compelled to remix it from a recording of the radio show which played it.  Why would an artist who produced such great albums as Dirk Wears White Søx and Friend Or Foe come up with material that sounded no better that the Slapdash Eden demos (which later became his Wonderful album)?

Fortunately for the new single, Cool Zombie has been retouched.  The backing vocals no longer drown out Adam’s main vocals, and the guitars are well placed in the mix.  It was released on iTunes, along with the piss-poor and unfinished Gun In Your Pocket on October 24th 2012.  Cool Zombie grew on my very quickly, reminding me of Loser by Beck.  An idea for a remix was born.

The intial remix featured samples from Loser, along with the track which Beck used for the drum loop, a cover version of Walk On Gilded Splinters by Johnny Jenkins.  In the end, I decided to drop the Loser samples and work with just the Johnny Jenkins track.  After some clever tweaking, I managed to remove Adam’s main vocal and created an effect for the new backing track.

The remix begins and ends with Walk On Gilded Splinters and was complete the same day as its iTunes release.  Naming the remix was simple – the Gilded Splinters Remix.  A radio edit was created five days later (today) for those who prefer to hear more of the song and less of my habitual long mixes.

Adam Ant Is The Blueback Hussar In Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter is planned for release in January 2013.  I personally recommend the track Cradle Of Hatred.  It still suffers from a demo-esque recording, but that song has the potential to make you cry! Awesome.

Cool Zombie c/w Gun In Your Pocket is available now for download from iTunes, and is released on 7″ vinyl on November 19th from

To listen to the Gilded Splinters Remix and its radio edit, you’ll need to be visiting my Ant mixes page here, and using the embedded music player at the top of the page.

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