The Carty Interviews are back!

Carty grills Marco Pirroni

Carty grills Marco Pirroni

Indeed the interviews are back.  But why did they go away?

In London, October 2008, at the Family Of Noise‘s Family Reunion event, I made an announcement.  It came right at the end of the Never Mind The Ant Box quiz.  I’d had enough of the Ant world in general, and was quitting my rather popular Ant site (which was then hosted at

In fact, I wanted to close the site down.  This was mainly due to the apparent lack of regard Adam Ant had with his loyal online fan base at the time.  It was going to be goodbye to all those Ant gig listings, the discography, the news, the mixes…you get the picture. Besides, had undergone a refreshing change of ownership, not to mention the excellent Family Of Noise fan site (sadly now gone).

Although I didn’t realise it at the time, I was sulking like a big baby.  I had shared his plan with my then long term friend (and now, my wife) Texi.  I was in for a shock, as she wiped the floor with me and convinced me to at least archive the site and not be so selfish. I crumbled!

So when I left The Netherlands, a new site location (this one) was born.  Transfering all of that old content to this new look is some undertaking.  Most of the pages in the Audio section (Carty Mixes, WTF mixes, etc.) have been re-launched.

So now it’s the turn of those Carty Interviews to move into their new home.  All eleven interviews are there, two of which are BBC Radio 2 interviews with Adam Ant, and one is me being interviewed!  The remainder are interviews I did with both of The Wolfmen (Chris Constantinou and Marco Pirroni – there are TWO from him), and the people behind the Antmusic Remastered project from 2004 and 2005.  A few others get grilled as well, although one interview I did with Tibetan singer, Namgyal Lhamo has never appeared online as I never transcribed it. And I did so much research for her interview, as she was recording with The Wolfmen at the time.  Such a beautifully pure voice too.  Maybe one day…

Next up, will be the Ant Gigs listings.  But before that I have a Carty FM podcast to knock out.  And more on that soon.  In the meantime, you can find all the interviews here.

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