Kings Of Vienna Video Uploaded

It was unfortunate, when I changed sites from to, that I’d also have to start a new YouTube account.  Continuing to use cartroubleDOTnl as a video channel simply made no sense.  So lightbluecarDOTcom was born (I don’t intend changing URLs again!).

The tough part has been trying to locate all of my video mixes on my external hard drives, as some seem to be missing.  Once they have all been located, I can upload them all to the new YouTube channel.

In the meantime, here’s the first of my productions which also features mixed video as well as audio.  A mash-up of Adam & The Ants vs Ultravøx entitled Kings Of Vienna [Carty Mix].  The original  audio for this mix is featured on Carty Mixes Volume 9 and the video is of much better quality than the one on the old channel.

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