WTF tracks uploaded

WTF?Once it became clear that the Carty Mixes CDs were predominantly Ant-based remixes, a gimmick was needed for the non-Ant ones.  And so the WTF volumes were born.  Some of the mixes on the earlier volumes make difficult listening now, however all tracks on all four CDs have been uploaded for your listening pleasure.

It’s a little sad that the WTF series only lasted four volumes, as the covers are truly awesome, and a lot of fun was had researching the images used.  Many thanks to Ant Lady once again for her first class graphic designing.

WTF Vol 1

WTF Vol 2

WTF Vol 3

WTF Vol 4





You can listen to all of the tracks by visiting each volume’s respective web page, linked below:

Time has since moved on and the Carty Mixes and the WTF Mixes will now be replaced with the Blue Carrot Mixes.  More news on that to follow…

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