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Carty MixesA total of 77 Ant mixes have finally been uploaded to the server here at, covering all 11 volumes of the Carty Mixes. Only 10 were initially made with the final one never being completed.  It’s track listing has now been finalised from the unused mixes in the archives.

The Carty Mixes began back in 2002 with a very simple remix of Adam Ant‘s Wonderful, which is the opening track on Volume 1.  Ironically, an updated version now appears on the final edition, Volume 11.  And now, all the tracks have been added to each volume’s respective page in the Audio section of the site.  Each page has its own media player so that visitors can listening to the mixes (including the dodgy old ones).

To celebrate this, brand new artwork of the first 5 volumes has been unveiled for the first time, re-designed by Ant Lady, who also produced the original artwork.

Vol 1 new

Vol 1 new

Vol 1 old

Vol 1 - old

You can see the old vs new designs which follow a similar colour scheme to volumes 5 to 11. Just click here to see a much larger new one. The Post-it note adds a cool finishing touch. Many thanks to her for designing all of the covers designed for the individual mixes as well as the volumes.

Volume 11 is the last one in the series, and if you visit the page, you’ll see the media player with the 7 mixes loaded.  You’ll also notice no artwork.  Well, it has been created, but with no track listing available at the time, it couldn’t be completed. Hopefully Ant Lady can be persuaded to utilise her magic one more time.  The track listing closing off this series is:

  1. Adam & The Ants vs a-ha – Stand & Deliver vs Take On Me [Carty Mix]
  2. Adam And The Ants – Lou Reed (Dance) [Demo 9 Remix]
  3. Carty – Ants 4 Justin 2009
  4. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours [Ant Lub Remix]
  5. Adam Ant – Wonderful Dream
  6. Adam And The Ants – The Family Of Noise [Dot Com Remix]
  7. Monster Ant Mix [Carty Mix]
Selection CD 1

Selection CD 1

Two additional compilations have also been added to the Ant Mixes section of the website, which are the Carty Ant Mixes Selection CD 1 and CD 2. These were produced for Sony Music in 2005 under the advice of Marco Pirroni. Tracks were selected from the (then) available 8 volumes, for possible inclusion in movie soundtracks.  Alas, nothing ever came of it.

Next for the website is to create pages for the 4 WTF volumes along with media players.  Then we can publish details of Carty’s Other Projects, such as collaborations with The Wolfmen (Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou), Ciaron Marlow, remixes of the Lavender Pill Mob (Kevin Mooney), producing an album for Mantra II (Terry Lee Miall) and not forgetting solo projects, such as the classic Makes Me Proud… (featuring unheard remixes by Simon Clarke and Ciaron Marlow) and Manic In The Boulengerie (the Carty solo album project).

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