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Kings Of Vienna Video Uploaded

It was unfortunate, when I changed sites from to, that I’d also have to start a new YouTube account.  Continuing to use cartroubleDOTnl as a video channel simply made no sense.  So lightbluecarDOTcom was born (I don’t intend … Continue reading

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New Adam & The Ants 3 CD compilation

It has been quite a while since Sony have thrown together ‘yet another’ Ants compilation, mainly due to them fulfilling their contracted number of compilation releases.  However, the Ant machine has been disturbed by the announcement of a 3 CD … Continue reading

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WTF tracks uploaded

Once it became clear that the Carty Mixes CDs were predominantly Ant-based remixes, a gimmick was needed for the non-Ant ones.  And so the WTF volumes were born.  Some of the mixes on the earlier volumes make difficult listening now, … Continue reading

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Carty Mixes volumes online

A total of 77 Ant mixes have finally been uploaded to the server here at, covering all 11 volumes of the Carty Mixes. Only 10 were initially made with the final one never being completed.  It’s track listing has … Continue reading

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