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VIDEO – Physical (You’re So) [Carty’s B-side Version]

The intro begins with a very rare, unreleased, 2004 recording of a very gentle Dog Eat Dog by Marco Pirroni, followed by the live “Hey you up there!” intro to Physical from which this footage in taken from.  The remainder … Continue reading

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Carty Store – an update

It has always been my intention to make my mixes, remixes and megamixes available for free download. For many years, they were hosted at and are probably still there. Eventually though, I began hosting them on my own web … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Testing, testing, one, two.  Damn, this mic’s a bit distorted.  Just a sec… HUMM.  BUZZ.  FIZZ.  RUMBLE.  CLICK. One, two, three.  Yep.  We’re live!

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