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A collection of rare and hard to find Ant tracks for your listening pleasure. All have been remastered (or rather tweaked) to enhance to the sound quality. To listen to the tracks, just click them in the music player below. For more information on them, just click the links under the player.

IMPORTANT: It is not this site's intention to infringe any artists' or song writers' rights. Therefore, the downloading of tracks in this series has been disabled. It is recommended that you buy the original music via the included links on this page.

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1. Adam Ant - Friend Or Foe [1982 Japanese Promo Extended Mix]
No Download
Black Side White Side
"Not for sale. Presented by Epic/SONY INC. QY-3P-90053"

This never-before-released extended version of Adam Ant's Friend Or Foe track has only ever appeared on a 1982 Japanese promo LP entitled, Dance Contemporary On Epic Vol. II. On its A side ("Black Side") it features Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney's The Girl Is Mine, Luther Vandross' Bad Boy/Having A Party and Heatwave's Hold On To The One.

However, on the all important B side ("White Side"), we have KC & The Sunshine Band's Give It Up, Adam Ant's Friend Or Foe and Dan Fogelberg's Missing You. There is nothing to indicate on the sleeve nor the label that Friend Or Foe is extended.

Only one copy is known to exist, although there just has to be more. That copy is now in the hands of Carty, who has recreated this rare track for your listening pleasure.

There are only two edits in this extended version, which results in both the first verse and the instrumental break being repeated twice. The first edit was straight forward enough, but the second was much trickier, as it's just after Adam sings, "to become admirers - UGH!". So a very slight fade out was required to create the necessary quiet part.


2. Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes [Hot Fuzz Film Edit]
No Download
Hot Fuzz movie poster

If you buy the soundtrack album to the brilliant 2007 comedy/action flick Hot Fuzz, you'll hear a new version of Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant. It features movie dialogue over the intro. Apart from that it's the Chris Hughes produced UK single version, as opposed to the Adam/Marco produced (and slightly longer) album version.

However, if you buy the DVD and watch the very beginning of the movie, you can also hear Goody Two Shoes being played with the same dialogue. However, this version has been edited to bits. It is here that Carty has recreated this 1 minute 23 second masterpiece for your ears only. The movie's dialogue manages to mask some of the tougher edits, but here it is, warts and all.

You can order the soundtrack CD from Amazon in the UK by clicking on the image above, or from Amazon in the US by clicking HERE. Or better still, buy the 2-disc UK DVD from HERE, or the widescreen US DVD from HERE.


3. Adam Ant - Persuasion [Sleazy Demo]
No Download
Persuasion - unreleased

There's not much that can (or will) be said about this one, except that Adam referred to this one as the 'sleazy demo'. Assuming that there's little hope of seeing 1992's Persuasion album released, there's even less chance of seeing this demo released.

It's rather different to finished album version (which is the next track).

(Normally there would be links here directing you to purchase the artist's originals. But because Persuasion never made it to the shelves, it's rather difficult. So it is recommended that you buy the AntBox compilation, as the compilers had intended to include some tracks from the album.)


4. Adam Ant - Persuasion [Unreleased Album Version]
No Download
The Greatest Music Never Sold by Dan LeRoy

There's an excellent book, The Greatest Music Never Sold by Dan LeRoy, that dedicates a whole chapter to the story behind Adam Ant's great lost album, Persuasion. The title track is written by Adam and Marco, mixed and produced by ex-Ant/Bow Wow Wow bassist Leigh Gorman.

You can order the book from Amazon in the UK by clicking on the image above, or from Amazon in the US by clicking HERE.

Will the Persuasion album ever see the light of day? Well, we can be a little more optimistic as Adam seems to be edging ever closer to putting the wheels in motion. Not only does he list the release inside his current tour programs, but it has been reported on the ofiicial Ant Rap forum, that uploads of the album's tracks are being removed slowly from YouTube. Is this paving the way for a possible release? Time will only tell.


5. Adam Ant - Lamé [unreleased 'Drop Dead Rock' soundtrack]
No Download
Drop Dead Rock cassette front Drop Dead Rock cassette back

Firstly, a huge thank you to Bel for the scans of the cassette artwork, and the HQ rip from this much sought after promo cassette. This recording has been magically enhanced and remastered by Carty for your ears only. In fact, it was he who requested this track for the Ant Liberation Front's "MP3 Of The Week" back in 2000. Here's the transcript from their original Geocities site:

Lamé - 29 August 2000 (requested by Cartrouble)

This is the great lost Ant song! It is a mystery how Adam's most innovative, original and powerful song of the 90's ended up on the Drop Dead Rock soundtrack. Adam starred in 'Drop Dead Rock' alongside Deborah Harry in 1994, and wrote Lamé for an intended soundtrack. This appeared along with another Ant/Marco composition, the instrumental 'Inseminator', on a two-track promo tape. The crunching guitar-sound, coupled with Adam's increasingly psycho-schizo vocals make this one of the best Ant-achievements since Kings. This must surely be included on the forthcoming Ant Box Set!
© 2000 AntLib, text reproduced with kind permission.

Enjoy this cleaner, warmer version. Play loud and often. You can purchase the US DVD of Drop Dead Rock from Amazon UK HERE or from Amazon US HERE.


6. Adam & The Ants - The Human Beings [Full Demo with Drums]
No Download
Kings Of The Old Frontier Kings Of The Old Frontier

This is not the same demo which appeared on the 2004 remastered edition of Kings Of The Wild Frontier, although it is from the same recording. This version does not fade early, and has had drums added to the mix. It appeared on a homemade bootleg (Kings Of The Old Frontier) shortly afterwards, limited to just 25 copies, and was distribruted to just a few Ant fans.


7. The Scavengers - Christian D'or
No Download
Scavengers album

This fantastic cover version of Christian D'or is taken from this German band's 2003 CD, Life's Too Short For Rock 'n' Roll, and is included here with permission from the band's Frank Gerrits.

The CD is still available from the Lofi-Lab website, and you can still check out the band's page at MySpace.

This track was also featured on CD 2 of a special 4CD Ant Covers reasearch project, created by Carty for Sony/BMG TV and Film in Los Angelesand BMG Publishing in London, back in May 2006.



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