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It Doesn't Matter


The Lavender Pill Mob - It Doesn't Matter [3 Mixes]

The Alpha, Beta and Gamma remixes of one of the tracks taken from their brilliant Mike's Bikes album. The band consists of Kevin Mooney (Adam & The Ants) and Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave). The band preferred the Gamma Remix, whilst Carty is more fond of the Alpha Remix.

Panzer Mädchen


Carty & The Wolfmen - Panzer Mädchen [3 Mixes]

A collaboration between Carty, Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou before they released any tracks as The Wolfmen. Marco playes the riff from Deutscher Girls (on Adam Ant's guitar) and Chris laid down the bass line. Marco then recorded additional guitar parts. The rest is all Carty at the mixing desk.



Carty & Marco Pirroni - Physical [3 Mixes]

The follow up to Panzer Mädchen featuring newly recorded riffs from Marco playing Physical. Three mixes were produced, So High Mix, So Low Mix and So What Mix. The latter featured Carty on vocals singing some rather rude lyrics!

Makes Me Proud...


Carty - Makes Me Proud... [3 Mixes]

Probably the Carty track with the most positive feedback ever, out of all of his productions. Only one mix was initially produced. Two remixes have never before been heard and will make their debuts on this very page soon, courtesy of Ciaron Marlow and Antflavour (Simon Clarke). Amazing interpretations of an truly moving track. (A fourth mix, by Carty, has yet to be completed, as does a radio edit)

Family Of Hindus


Family Of Hindus - Lady / Female Rape

The Family Of Hindus comprise of Carty (vocals, production) and Ciaron Marlow (guitars, production). Two songs were recorded, both cover versions of Adam & The Ants songs

Carty, Ciaron & Marco - Mandinka

Pretty much finished musically. Ciaron and Marco provide the guitars and some production, Carty the rest. All it now needs is vocals (clears throat).

Manic In Boulengerie


Carty - Manic In Boulengerie

The Carty album! Believe it or not the track listing, the artwork, including booklet and sleevenotes were designed and completed (by Ant Lady) in 2005. (Which is more than can be said for the tracks!)

Mantra II


Mantra II - Werewolves Of London [7 tracks produced]

Carty produced seven of the 12 tracks of this labum which features Terry Lee Miall (Adam & The Ants), Marco Pirroni (Adam & The Ants, The Wolfmen) and Chris Constantinou (Adam Ant, The Wolfmen). Working to exceedingly tight deadlines, Carty pulled off some vast improvements to the weaker originals, completely stripping the tracks down to their bare bones and rebuilding them. Unfortunately, he was never compensated for his hard work as the artist 'welshed' on the deal. One for the lawyers...


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