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1. Adam Ant - Little Devil [Hell's Hot Acres Remix]
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Little Devil [Hell's Hot Acres Remix]
Adam Ant - Little Devil [album version]

Carty first remixed this track for Tex back on Carty Mixes Volume 2. That Egyptian Angel Remix featured samples from Red Scab and Cleopatra and was over nine minutes long! Obviously that wasn't enough for the Countessa!

Tex requested a new remix which was produced (initially) during the afternoon before the 2006 Ant Lib disco! However, even though it was played at the event it still needed some additional work to finish it off. It was produced in a hotel room using just Carty's headphones. Even though he loves my 'cans' dearly, producing music with them and without monitor speakers is breaking remixing laws. The monitoring of low frequency levels is lost. The bass frequencies need air to move (just watch the middle cone of a bass speaker) and headphones don't give you that air needed.

(In simple terms there was too much sub bass in the remix and it sounded poor through speakers...lesson learned)

The remix was finally completed in time for its first airing at AntFest 2007 in Birmingham, July 2007, at which Carty was the DJ (and joined by Kevin Mooney later on). The sampling of the track's drums was dropped and a completely new drum track put in its place. The bassy synths used in the 2006 remix were also changed and he added new guitar parts (which mimic Marco's playing in the original).

Due to popular demand from Ant fans, a special CD of this mix featuring exclusive bonus tracks was available to purchase from the old Dutch site. The running order of that CD was:

01 Adam Ant - Little Devil [Hell's Hot Acres Remix]*
02 Adam Ant - Little Devil [Hell's Radio Edit]
03 Adam Ant - Little Devil [Dubbed In Hell Remix]
04 Adam Ant - Little Devil [Flame In Hell Remix]
05 Adam Ant - Little Devil [Egyptian Angel Remix]**
06 Adam Ant - Little Devil [2006 Demo Remix]

* as featured on Carty Mixes Volume 10
** as featured on Carty Mixes Volume 2


2. Carty - Makes Me Proud... [Original Mix]
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Makes Me Proud... [Original Mix]
Sacred Spirit - Brandishing The Tomahawk (Yo-Hey-Omee)
Adam & The Ants - Mowhok [drums only]
Adam & The Ants - Dog Eat Dog [guitar and vocals]
Adam & The Ants - Prince Charming [drums only]
E.S. Posthumus - Nara

Inspired after hunting down the theme tune to the American Philadelphia-based crime show, Cold Case. With some clever retuning of Marco's guitar from Dog Eat Dog and selected vocals from the same song, we enter a new genre for the Carty Mixes. It took some time to complete and feedback from two 'taste-makers' proved invaluable in the end.

Nara, the track's main influence, is the name of an ancient Japanese city and the Kanji used on the sleeve is Japanese for 'pride'.

Currently, there is no seperate CD available for this at this time, but one was planned. Exclusive remixes from Simon Clarke (a.k.a. AntFlavour), Ciaron, and Carty himself have yet to be made public. They need to be heard and appreciated, so watch this space.


3. Perry Como & Adam Ant - Catch A Falling Star [Punky Chorus Remix]
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Catch A Falling Star [Punky Chorus Remix]
Adam & The Ants - Catch A Falling Star [demo]
Perry Como - Catch A Falling Star

Combining Perry Como and Adam together in one mix was something that was inspired by Adam's performance of Catch A Falling Star on September 24th 2007 at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London.

Adam's 1977 demo recording is in a different key to Perry's original 1953 version, so some technical tweaking was required to bring them both into line.

When creating these mixes, Carty decided to place Adam closer to the left channel and Perry on the other side to add some width to the mixes. Four of which were produced with the aptly titled Punky Chorus Mix selected for Carty Mixes Volume 10.

The Little Drummer Boy Mix, which is on the CD single Carty produced (listed below), was named as this duet reminded Carty of the Bing Crosby & David Bowie partnership. A little bit more M.O.R. with no punky chorus.

Carty's favourite is the Meteorite Remix which has no Como. It's a straight Adam & The Ants remix, with a funky drum beat, and a mellow ambience sprinkled over the top.

Finally, it was time to kick Adam out of the band and introduce Perry Como & The Ants. The Roswell Remix is the original 50's classic with the Ants backing him. (Well, there is one small part that features Adam, but you can find that yourself.)

A special CD of this mix featuring bonus tracks was available to purchase from the old Dutch site, the conents of which were:

01 Perry Como & Adam Ant - Catch A Falling Star [Punky Chorus Mix]
02 Perry Como & Adam Ant - Catch A Falling Star [Little Drummer Boy Mix]
03 Adam And The Ants - Catch A Falling Star [Meteorite Remix]
04 Perry Como & The Ants - Catch A Falling Star [Roswell Remix]



4. Captain Adam - Ugly Old Pirate [Full Mix]
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Captain Sensible - Wot! [12" version]
Adam & The Ants - Ant Rap [album version]
Adam & The Ants - Ant Rap [single version]
Adam Ant - Alfie Noakes [live soundcheck]

The original attempt at mixing Captain Sensible's Wot! with Ant Rap appears way back as far as Carty Mixes Volume 2. That remix of Ant Rap was picked up by an Italian radio station and was featured in their playlist, which did not please Carty as that mix is as rough as hell.

So, in 2004, he remade the remix from scratch and mailed this one off to them. However, this mix had taken four years to appear on the Carty Mixes compilations. This 12 minute monster also has a smaller brother. That edited version will appear on this page in the near future.


5. Temptations vs Adam Ant - Marco Was A Rolling Stone [Carty Mix]
Free Download
Adam & The Ants - The Human Beings [album version]
The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Adam Ant - Man Called Marco [album version]
Adam Ant - Rough Stuff [album version]

The initial plan was to create a completely new instrumental backing for the acapella of Papa Was A Rolling Stone, a song dear to Carty's heart. Naturally, a few Ant tunes were used to set the timing for The Temptations' vocals.

Man Called Marco is an instrumental around the same tempo, so that was a natural choice. Initial demos of this mix featured drum loops from Rough Stuff, which were all dropped along the way. Those with sensitive Antennae will notice the end guitar from Rough Stuff closing off this track.

The backing singers of The Temptations are quite out of tune at times and that clashed with Man Called Marco, so they were edited out. It Must be said that this was not a popular mix with some of Carty's close pals who lend their ears to his mixes before he publishes them. However, Carty absolutely love this, and selfishly includes it here.


6. Robyn with Kleerup vs Adam Ant - What's Going On With Every Heartbeat [Carty Mix]
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Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Adam Ant - What's Going On
Robyn with Kleerup - Every Heartbeat

The world over, commercial radio stations insist on having tiny playlists. The end result is overplaying of what were once good songs. You soon get fed up of hearing them. Every Heartbeat was played to death on Holland's Q Music while Carty was in work. It made #1 in the UK in 2007, and everytime he heard it, he would hear the similarity with Adam's track from the Metropolis soundtrack.

However, the resulting attempts to blend the two were frustrating to say the least, as What's Going On doesn't follow a regular 4/4 rhythm. Plus the single version of Every Heartbeat was too cluttered. So Carty walked away from the mix for a few months.

Eventually, after listening to over half a dozen official remixes of the (then) current radio fave, he revisited the mix, cutting out most of the music from Adam's song. It's still isn't brilliant, and although the additon of the Marvin Gaye track of the same name helps with the intro and outro, it's left to you to make your mind up. Just be gentle.


7. Adam & The Ants - Stand & Deliver 2008 [Main Mix]
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Red sleeve Blue sleeve
Marco Pirroni - Stand & Deliver
Adam & The Ants - Stand & Deliver

If only you'd known how long Carty had been planning this! It's his third remix of Stand & Deliver, but this was the dance monster he was always after.

He had strip this back to its bare bones and create a brand new bassline, which drives the mix. Plus those essential hand claps, and a few deep voice synths to glam it up. Poor old Marco's guitar solo just didn't work, so he had program a new one using soft synths (not to mention re-tune the whole song - slightly)!

The intro and outro guitar parts are Marco's slow versions recorded in 2005 especially for the shelved Digital Tenderness DVD menu music. That music now appears on the Stand And Deliver DVD, but Carty has used the raw, unmixed sessions here.

Three additional versions were also created, including an Edit for possible radio play, an Instrumental which uses a genuine mix with Adam's main vocals removed. No wizardry from Carty there! And finally, the Dance Mix, which has no slow intro and outro. It was created for DJ's in mind and therefore submitted to DMC in the UK (which they never used).

A video of the Main Mix was produced by Carty which Sony have since blocked on YouTube. Which is just as well as the comments posted on YouTube slated to this remix death!

A special CD of this mix featuring bonus tracks (listed below) was available through the old Dutch site.

01 Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver 2008 [Edit]
02 Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver 2008 [Main Mix]
03 Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver 2008 [Instrumental]
04 Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver 2008 [Dance Mix]
04 Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver 2004 [Resurrection Remix]



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