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1. Adam Ant - Kiss The Drummer [TFF Can FTFO Remix]
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Kiss The Drummer [TFF Can FTFO Remix]
The Art Of Noise ft Tom Jones - Kiss [Art Of Remix]
Adam Ant – Kiss The Drummer [12" version]
Adam & The Ants – Killer In The Home [album version]
Tears For Fears – Shout [US Remix]
Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice [drums only]
Chad Jackson – Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked) [sample]
Adam & The Ants – Bathroom Function [Decca demo]
Adam & The Ants – Dog Eat Dog [drums only]
Adam Ant – Goody Two Shoes [single version - drums only]

When Steve Horwood first suggested Kiss The Drummer as a remix to Carty, he thought, "oh no! I hate that damn tune!" At the time he was busy with other stuff. It was the perfect excuse. Steve suggested that Shout by Tears For Fears may sound great with it. Carty suggested that HE try them together (another great excuse not to touch it!)

Later, Steve sends his first attempts and ideas to Carty. They weren't that bad and he continued to talk about other ideas for it...suggesting it as a surprise for his then girlfriend, Aimee.

Carty eventually started to play around with it and could see possibilities with Steve's ideas. TFF's vocals mixed with the KTD guitars was perfect. The addition of the Nirvana drums was a headache at first, as real drummers NEVER keep true time, so he had to re-align all the beats individually in the loop. Steve suggested adding more 'Miss Fierce' samples to the Kiss The Drummer section.

Demo 2 sees samples from Tom Jones, Goody Two Shoes, Killer In The Home, Dog Eat Dog, and an edited sample from the Double Trouble DJ's (also used by Beats International). The guitar strum from Killer In The Home was added but it was in the wrong key, so it had to be adjusted. With 'drums' being the running theme, the Killer In The Home ones were included.

In demo 3 the TFF vocals' key was changed at one point, to match the KTD key change, but Steve didn't like it (it stayed in). Demo 4 tackles it from another angle, introducing Dolly the sheep and more "drum" samples, bringing the drumming climax towards the end (which his Lordship requested). Demo 5 includes a Bathroom Function giggle and the drum loop from Chad Jackson's Hear The Drummer Get Wicked. This was only used in this demo.

Demo 6 was fine tuning the samples whilst still hunting for a Hear The Drummer Get Wicked vocal that was useable! It was found and added to demo 7 (the final mix). Naming the mix was quite simple as "TFF" and Steve's catch phrase (FTFO) matches perfectly. On hearing the final mix, Steve had mentioned the key change again, but Kiss The Drummer changes key and the only way to avoid a key clash was to finely retune them at that section of the mix. (So Steve can FTFO!!).

Carty never rated Kiss The Drummer as a song. But working on it (coupled with input from Steve, Ant Lady and Tex) had revived his interest in the song.


2. Mantra II - Man Called Marco [Leather Glove Remix]
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Mantra II - Man Called Marco [multitrack]
Adam Ant - Bright Lights Black Leather [album version]
Adam Ant - Man Called Marco [album version]
Adam Ant - Hello, I Love You [album version]

When the possibilities of a Carty remix of this track were being discussed, he was offered the acapella and backing track recordings. A remix producer's wet dream come true. Working with the original recordings in this way opens up a huge number of possibilities in how to approach the remix. Carty's previous production (with The Wolfmen), Panzer Mädchen was also produced in this way.

Using Hello, I Love You with Man Called Marco seemed a natural choice as both had been mixed together as part of the Friend Or Foe Full Album Megamix on Carty Mixes Vol 4. Earlier demos had seen drums sampled from K7's Come Baby Come and Agent Provocateur's Kicked (an old Kevin Mooney band). Carty had also added his own bass line at one point, which was based upon the one used in Jingo by Candido/Jellybean. This led to the track's tempo being increased to a much pacier rhythm. A quick glance at this site's Ant BPM's page indicated which other tunes were around the same tempo. Bright Lights Black Leather seemed a good option. To make things seem even more perfect, they were in the same key!

As this new approach was beginning to take shape, input from Annet (a.k.a. Ant Lady) proved essential to the finished product. (The "black leather" vocal sample was her idea, for example.)


3. Adam Ant - Golden Adam Birthday Mix
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Soft Cell - Tainted Love [12" version]
Spandau Ballet - Gold [12" version]
Adam & The Ants - Stand & Deliver [single version]
Adam & The Ants - Press Darlings [B-side version]
Adam & The Ants - A.N.T.S. [AntBox version]
Adam & The Ants - Zerøx [remastered version]
Adam Ant - Gotta Be A Sin [album version]
Adam Ant - Saigon [AntBox version]
Adam & The Ants - Catholic Day [album version]
Adam Ant - B-Side Babies [B-side version]
Adam And The Ants - Cartrouble [single version]

An early incarnation of this mix began when Carty started on re-working his Resurrection Remix of Stand & Deliver. It featured a demo of the verses over the top of Gold by Spandau Ballet. Seeing as it was Adam's 50th birthday on November 3rd 2004, it was decided to keep the Gold sample for the new mix. (That Resurrection Remix can be found on Carty Mixes Volume 7.)

The initial idea was to do a simple remix of Stand & Deliver with Gold for Adam's birthday, but having just completed a remix of that song a new approach was needed. Tainted Love was being used by Carty to mix with my old Stand & Deliver remix in the clubs, so that seemed a good basis to use for the rhythm. As the mix progressed, it seemed logical to make it a 'birthday megamix' using Adam's songs around the same tempo, but covering all of his career. A quick glance at the Ant BPM page provided a quick list of possible tunes for inclusion. But before that, the Spandau Ballet track had to be adjusted to match the key of Stand & Deliver, and it was decided to edit the verses together climaxing into the chorus before heading into Press Darlings and A.N.T.S..

It's here that the mix gets interesting. A.N.T.S. uses the guitar riff from Zerøx, so it was obvious to follow on with that. Gotta Be A Sin has always been a floor filler at the annual conventions, but it's in a different key to Zerøx. That's why you can hear those early guitars go up through the notes as it matches those of Gotta Be A Sin. That song itself had to drop down a few notes at the end to match that of Saigon. Mixing into Catholic Day was tough though. Its guitars during the intro are six bars long, whereas Saigon's are only the regular four. (Plus it was in a different key!). It was decided to play four bars of Saigon and add the last two bars of Catholic Day on the end, then retune the sample to make the segue smooth. This ended up as Carty's favourite section of the whole mix. A simple mix into B-Side Babies proved effective as did ending the marathon with the song that Carty had always avoided remixing, the sacred Cartrouble.

The bongos from Spandau's Gold were used over the mix sections as were the "boing" sounds from Tainted Love to give the mix a constant feel to it, proving very popular on the dance floor at the 2004 Adam & The Ants Convention.


4. Adam & The Ants - The Idea [Holy Trinity Remix]
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The Idea [Holy Trinity Remix]
Adam & The Ants – The Idea [remastered version]
Adam & The Ants - Zerøx [remastered version]
Donna Summer - I Feel Love [12" version]
Piano solo - Holy Holy Holy [hymn]
Female Choir - Holy Holy Holy [hymn]

This remix was completed in 2004, and it's only now, in 2012, that it's having some notes added here! This is the one where Carty really did set the hymns to disco!

New drums were programmed, drum beat by drum beat, and some clever filters were added to bring the guitars. All very time consuming indeed. Carty managed to track down a dozen or so versions of the Holy Holy Holy hymn, two of which ended up in this the disco rhythms of I Feel Love by Donna Summer.

Some clever sampling of the guitar harmonics from both The Idea and Zerox were added plus a sneaky sample courtesy of Yahoo! Messenger. A Carty fave.


5. The Ants Of Noise - Dog Beat Dog [Carty Mix]
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Dog Beat Dog [Carty Mix]
The Art Of Noise – Close (To The Edit) [album version]
Adam And The Ants - Dog Eat Dog [album version]

Another Carty production with new notes for 2012! Not only is Carty a big Ant fans, but he's a huge Art Of Noise fan as well. However, he can't recall how this mix came together except for the fact this this mash-up works and deserves some serious exposure.


6. Fatboy Slim - Don't Let The Man Get You Down [Carty Remix]
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Fatboy Slim [Carty Remix] Fatboy Slim [Carty Remix - animated]
Fatboy Slim – Don't Let The Man Get You Down [multitrack]
Adam & The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier [single version]
Adam & The Ants - 'Antmusic' [album version]
Adam Ant - Navel To Neck [album version]

In November 2004, BBC OneMusic ran a competition in conjunction with Fatboy Slim to remix the opening track from his latest album Palookaville. The track is called Don't Let The Man Get You Down and the winning remix was to appear on the b-side of the single.

A huge amount of entries had been expected due to the fact of the competition's extensive publicity, plus the fact the all the necessary samples were available to download on the BBC's website. Entries had been flooding in from all genres of remixers, from amateurs to the more serious producers.

Carty had downloaded all the required ingredients and started working on a mix without listening to the original. From the loops supplied by Fatboy Slim, the BPM was calculated to be almost exactly half that of 'Antmusic', King Of The Wild Frontier and Navel To Neck. Seeing as he was planning to re-do his Navel To Neck remix, he decided to give the remix more of an Ant flavour. Everything seemed to falling into place until he gave the original album track a listen. The bass line and some of the samples were arranged slightly differently in the loops, but they seemed to work so why change them? Carty added a little nod back to the old Navel To Neck remix by including the saucy samples, "I wanna kiss you down below".

A few demos and many plays later the mix was completed. Its heavy Ant influences also see the track added to the Carty Mixes Volume 6 compilation. An edited Radio Mix was also produced for inclusion on the CD to be submitted for the competition. That edit is now available on the WTF Volume 2 compilation. As you can see from the yellow cover above, it's half the length of the full remix, making a very compact version including all the best bits of the track. This was exclusive to the competition CD with the aim of making the judging a little easier. (Imagine listening to thousands of entries of remixes of the same tune, the majority of which take longer than 60 seconds to get really started).

The competition closing date was December 1st 2004 with the winner being selected on December 17th 2004. The chances of winning were incredibly slim (no pun intended), but a huge amount of enjoyment was had working with this remix. It is worth noting however that after the remix was finished Michael Sanderson (a.k.a. Monk) (who contributed to this site's Ant Gigs pages at the time) announced that Norman Cook (a.k.a. Fatboy Slim) used to be an Adam And The Ants fan and even interviewed Adam for his own fanzine Peroxide! Well let's hope Mr Cook gets dragged back to his Ant roots with this entry! (He wasn't!)

Thanks go out to Chris Dalton (a.k.a. Seedy for putting the competition CD package together and mailing it off (also for hosting the mix). Additional thanks to Ant Lady for designing the CD cover and the animated South Park image above. Extra thanks to Norman Cook for giving me the opportunity to work with his material for this project.


7. A&A vs Eminem - Just Lost At The To [Carty Mix]
Free Download
Just Lost At The Top [Carty Mix]
Adam Ant – Room At The Top [extended version - intro only]
Eminem - Just Lose It [acapella]
Adam Ant - Room At The Top [album version]

Carty must have been so busy churning out mixes in 2004 that he seems to have had no time to add info notes for some of these tunes! So here's another, albeit brief, 2012 update.

Carty says, "I really can't remember if someone suggested to me that Just Lose It sounded like the guitar riff from Room At The Top or not. I do remember Marco once saying that he 'borrowed' the riff from a Rammstein track, and that I couldn't find it at the time. However, these two tracks mash-up rather well together. Especially considering I had to make some key changes to both so that they didn't clash. Sorry for being sloppy with the site notes!"



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