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1. Neil Diamond vs Adam Ant - America [Kick And Press Remix]
2. Adam & The Ants - 5 Guns West [Big Tough Remix]
3. Adam Ant - Vanity [Dust Bitten Remix]
4. Adam Ant - Lamé [Alors Et Maintenant La Mai Remix]
5. Rolf Harris vs Adam Ant - War Charming [Caught Caractacus Remix]
6. Carty - Incroyable
7. Adam & The Ants - Deutscher Girls [Last Tango In Mömbris Remix]

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1. Neil Diamond vs Adam Ant - America [Kick And Press Remix]
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Adam & The Ants - Press Darlings [B-side version]
Adam & The Ants - Kick! [B-side version]
Neil Diamond - America

On hearing that Adam had recorded his own version of this Neil Diamond classic, Carty had to dig out a copy of the original. He particularly loved the strings intro and the guitars used by Mr. Diamond. After calculating the BPM (beats per minute), he decided to tribalise it with the intro drums from Press Darlings, and introduced the drum intro from Kick! a little later on. Having lengthened the orchestral strings, it needed more grit. Enter some guitar licks from Press Darlings and a very apt vocal sample from Kick!.

Carty was tempted to use a snippet from U.S.S.A. and omit one of the S's, but time got the better of him. If you listen to some sections of America, you'll hear a guitar part very similar to Wonderful.

Although we've yet to hear Adam's version of America, we're sure it would have been respectful to the original.


2. Adam & The Ants - 5 Guns West [Big Tough Remix]
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Adam & The Ants - 5 Guns West [album version]
Adam & The Ants - Dog Eat Dog [album version]
Adam & The Ants - 5 Guns West [live - Prince Charming Revue]

It's amazing how some mixes come to fruition! This was specifically requested by Texas Ant (a.k.a. Tex/Texi) for her Texas Ant bash in June 2004. After a few Texan themes were considered, it was suggested to try 5 Guns West from the Ants' Prince Charming LP. Basically, the song has been extended using guitar loops and features the drums and guitar riff from Dog Eat Dog. It definitely has a "yeeeehah!" feel to it.

Not being a great fan of fade-outs, Carty added the ending from the live version of 5 Guns West, taken from the Prince Charming Revue Tour (Listen for the girl who shouts "Adam!" at the end!). As this remix was specifically for the attendees to the party, it was not made available for download until after the guests had heard it.


3. Adam Ant - Vanity [Dust Bitten Remix]
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Queen - Another One Bites The Dust [single version]
Queen - Radio Ga-Ga [single version]
Adam Ant - Vanity [album version]

Ever since hearing this track on Adam's Strip LP, Carty had always felt that its bass line was way too similar to Another One Bites The Dust by Queen. Being a lover of that bass line this was just too tempting to ignore. A technique called "time-stretching" was used to adjust the key of Queen's bass guitar to match the key of Adam tune. Painstaking, but worth it in the end. The eagle eyed amongst you will recognise the addition drums from Radio Ga-Ga. (Well it is written above!). A few chords from I Want To Break Free were to have been considered, but the song was not at hand. With a few additional "Insanity" samples from Adam and a wicked Queen vs Adam middle section, this has to be one of Carty's most creative mixes. (Now, can you spot the one occasion in the original where Adam mentions the song title?)


4. Adam Ant - Lamé [Alors Et Maintenant La Mai Remix]
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Adam Ant - Lamé [Drop Dead Rock soundtrack]
Adam Ant - Very Long Ride [album version]
Adam & The Ants - Beat My Guest [B-side version]
Adam & The Ants - Lady [B-side version]

Lamé has to be one of the Ant fans' fave tunes of all time...even though they usually mispronounce it (there's a clue in the mix title)! It was initially recorded for the soundtrack to Drop Dead Rock, which Adam starred in. It didn't appear on the soundtrack release (except in Germany), so it's much sought after by completists. The trouble with attempting to remix this, is the unique timing of the drumming. The chorus is a typical 4/4 beat, but the rest of the song is best described as 4½/4! So a very time consuming effort was put in to re-create the drum track. The resulting mix just featured the extra drums, an added bass effect and not much else.

Carty was initially in two minds whether to pass the mix off as completed, but something seemed to be missing. After seeking the opinions of three Ant colleagues (Ant Lady, Steve Ant and Tex), it was back to the laptop to continue the work. A sample from Very Long Ride was used in the background of the verses, and the opening guitar riff from Beat My Guest was mixed with the chorus...once a key changed had been implemented. The 2nd attempt was extended with some re-editing and the outro from the original version of Lady was used to finish it all off. It's a tough to better the original, but a brave attempt, considering the quality of Lamé is inferior.


5. Rolf Harris vs Adam & The Ants - War Charming [Caught Caractacus Remix]
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Adam & The Ants - Prince Charming [single version]
Rolf Harris - War Canoe

This had been long overdue! The song from 1965 that inspired Adam and Marco to write Prince Charming. The similarities are too close to be sheer coincidental, as an out of court settlement proved back in 1981. Luckily Adam and Marco managed to keep it out of the press.

For this mix, some pitch adjustment and key changing was need for Rolf Harris' War Canoe as it is much slower than the Ants' track. The "sploshing" effect from War Canoe was coupled with the end drums from PC and the songs neatly alternate. Some phasing effects were used for the Adam screams to tone down the effect, as not to clash with Rolf's much quieter track.

A third track, Pink Pyjamas by Thomas Dolby was also due to be included in the mix, because of its similarity to Prince Charming's chorus, but it was not available at the time of production.


6. Carty - Incroyable
Free Download
Captain Sensible - Wot! [12" version]
James Brown [various samples]
Adam & The Ants - Ant Rap [single version]
Adam & The Ants - Punk In The Supermarket [demo]
Nasty Rox Inc - Escape From New York [CA$H CD]
Michael Jackson - Bad [acapella]
Adam Ant - Juanito The Bandito [B-side version]
Criminal Element Orchestra - Put The Needle On The Record [sample]

This track was born as a result of a remake of the Ant Rap remix on Carty Mixes Volume 2 (which appears on Carty Mixes Volume 10). This contains some of Carty's favourite elements and samples, although the rhythm section was constructed from scratch using drum and cymbal samples. These can be heard in the opposite channel to the Ant Rap drums.

Watch out for the Jacko bits, the scratchy Ant Rap guitar and that amazing fade out at the end!


7. Adam & The Ants - Deutscher Girls [Last Tango In Mömbris Remix]
Free Download
Mastermix - Unknown tango tune [DJ Box CD]
Adam & The Ants - Deutscher Girls [BBC Peel Session]
Adam & The Ants - Deutscher Girls [Jubilee soundtrack version]
Adam & The Ants - Deutscher Girls [single version]
Adam & The Ants - Animals & Men [album version]
Adam & The Ants - Rubber People [Decca demo]

This remix came in as a request by Formicula (a.k.a. Henner Post) for his German 2004 Ant gathering in Mömbris. It must be said that Carty was feeling very adventurous with the intro to this one! A hunt through his CD collection found an old tango tune perfect for the beat of Deutscher Girls. All he needed was the original drums from Adam's tune to keep the flow. Extracting drums from a track isn't that easy, but with a few filters and some quick edits, the drum loop was born (although if you listen carefully, you can here Adam saying "We'll try the foxtrot" throughout it!!). The counting intro from the Peel Sessions version was used to direct the tango band, as were snippets from almost all the versions of the song to make up the re-edited chorus and verses. Initially there were just three verses, but now there are SIX!

In typical Carty style, a couple more Ant tracks made it onto the mix. Namely Animals & Men and Rubber People. Seeing as this remix was meant for the German Ant fans, he couldn't help but give a little nudge in the side to England's win over Germany in the 1966 World Cup Final. The perfect ending!



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