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1. Adam & The Ants/Adam Ant - Gawp's Ant Megamix [11th Hour Remake]
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Adam & The Ants - Dog Eat Dog [single version]
Adam Ant - Puss 'n Boots [12" version - drums only]
Adam Ant - Puss 'n Boots [single version]
Adam & The Ants - Ant Rap [single version]
Adam Ant - Apollo 9 [12" version - drums only]
Adam Ant - Apollo 9 single version]
Adam & The Ants - Stand & Deliver [single version]
Adam & The Ants - Cartrouble [single version]
Adam & The Ants - Prince Charming [single version]
Adam & The Ants - 'Antmusic' [album version]
Adam & The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier [single version]
Adam Ant - Friend Or Foe [single version]
Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes [single version]

Carty had so much fun doing this as it presented a totally new challenge! You could call this the world's first remix of a megamix? Gawp (a.k.a. Gary Pearce) initially created this megamix back in the 80s using his cassette player's PAUSE button to link the tracks together. In fact, Carty started off home mixing the very same way. But Gawp's edits were first class and exceedinglywell thought out. The only problem, due to being recorded onto audio cassette, was the sound quality.

Carty jumped at the chance of re-creating his masterpiece when asked! Reproducing Gawp's edits were a mean task, but with some smooth mixing, you have one hell of an Ant Megamix that beats the other two (non-Carty) Ant megamixes hands down! It took approximately 11 hours (one night) to create...hence the mix's name (also it's the name of Gawp's band)!


2. Adam & The Ants - Plastic Surgery [Italian Job Remix]
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Adam & The Ants - Plastic Surgery [live Marquee 1978 - intro only]
Adam & The Ants - Tabletalk [album version - drums only]
Adam & The Ants - Plastic Surgery [Jubilee soundtrack version]
Toyah - I Am [album version - outro only]

Carty has always been so determined to do something with this tune! Not only is it constantly in his all time Top 5 Ant tunes, but its tempo changes neatly matched his mood swings at the time!

The difficult part was having to treat this as two separate songs due to the slow tempo (57 BPM) of part one and the speedier (157 BPM) second part! With the Tabletalk drums taking care of the slow section and some drum and bass loops to spice up the fast bit, Carty was just left with that small middle section to deal with! That was some headache....but thanks to Toyah's Anthem LP, she finished off one hell of an eyebrow raising remix!

( wasn't Toyah who finished it was Michael Caine who did the honours! But you'll have to download it to hear it!)


3. Adam Ant - Playboy [Tribal Centrefold Remix]
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Adam Ant - Playboy [album version]
Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy [drums only]

Playboy is widely believed to had been the third single from Strip, so temptation got the better of Carty, although he almost threw in the towel as it was such a frustrating mix to execute! The Bow Wow Wow drums were drowning out poor Adsy's tune, and when adjustments were made, the drums were too quiet! After a few dozen litres of water, a happy medium was found at last! The main song itself has not changed too drastically (if at all), but it was most definitely worth the effort!

Steve Horwood suggested he'd like to hear the mix without Adam's track, so that version appears as the last track on this volume.


4. Adam Ant - Apollo 9 [Relaunch Remix]
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Adam Ant - Apollo 9 [Splashdown Remix]
Adam Ant - Apollo 9 [Orbit Remix]
Adam Ant - Apollo 9 [Splashdown Dub Mix]
Adam & The Ants - Fall In [B-side version - intro sampled]
Adam & The Ants - 5 Guns West [album version - "5" sample only]
Adam Ant - Apollo 9 [Blast Off Mix]
Adam Ant - Apollo 9 [acapella]
Another frustratingly irritating mix towards the end, but 98% of the time Carty loved doing it! There are elements of all the various Apollo 9 mixes thrown in...but where's Adam's "10...9...8...7...6...5" countdown? Well, Carty used the countdown from Fall In and a sample from 5 Guns West for that! It's different to the original, but sticking to the song's structure. Watch out for a guest appearance by Neil Armstrong.


5. Adam Ant - Friend Or Foe [Full Album Megamix]
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Adam Ant - Cajun Twisters [album version]
Adam Ant - Crackpot History And The Right To Lie [album version]
Adam Ant - Something Girls [album version]
Adam Ant - Man Called Marco [album version]
Adam Ant - Hello, I Love You [album version]
Adam Ant - Desperate But Not Serious [album version]
Adam Ant - Here Comes The Grump [album version]
Adam Ant - Try This For Sighs [album version]
Adam Ant - Made Of Money [album version]
Adam Ant - Friend Or Foe [album version]
Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes [album version]
Adam Ant - Place In The Country [album version]

You can blame Chris Dalton (a.k.a. Seedy) for this one. At his annual birthday bash, he was about to play an Ant DVD, but there was no sound coming from it. So, he puts on the Friend Or Foe LP. It had been ages since Carty had heard it so heannounced that he would attempt a full album megamix of this great recording. This is the result!


6. Adam Ant - Paper Moon [Fond Farewell Remix]
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Adam Ant - Paper Moon

When Adam recorded in this Perry Como classic, he missed out the first verse, and Carty's fave Adam cover version was Paper Moon. Like it or lump it...He LOVES it! It stays true to the Perry Como version, whom Adam admires. Or does it? For some reason, Adam's version misses out the opening lines to the song. So Carty took the liberty in correcting this 'oversight' and making the song a little easier on the ear. There's no fancy filters, drum loops, samples or mixing here. Just basic editing (which was a pain in the arse to do, btw!!)

So....was this his final mix ever, as the title suggested?



7. Adam Ant - Playboy [Tribal Covergirl Remix]
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Adam Ant - Playboy [album version - intro only]
Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy [drums only]

You're not seeing double! This is an instrumental remix of track 3, and because Carty (and Steve Horwood) loves the I Want Candy drums so much, he created this 2nd 'remix', which basically takes out Playboy altogether, leaving the BWW drums. Whether it warrants being labelled Playboy or inclusion on Volume 4 is another thing!



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