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1. Adam Ant vs Carty - PIB vs MIB [Red Ant Mix]
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Adam Ant - Puss 'n Boots [12" version]
Adam & The Ants - Making History [album version]
Adam Ant - Can't Set Rules About Love [album version]
Adam Ant - Beautiful Dream [single version]
Adam & The Ants - Family Of Noise [album version]
Adam & The Ants - Killer In The Home [album version]
Adam & The Ants - Young Parisians [single version]
Adam Ant - Crackpot History And The Right To Lie [album version]
Adam & The Ants - 5 Guns West [album version]
Adam Ant - Persuasion [album version]

This was inspired by a request from Steve Horwood in 2002, for a new version of the Adam Ant vs Will Smith remix featured on Carty Mixes Volume 1, but without the Will Smith vocals. So this is more like an extended instrumental mix rather than a new mix,even though it was recreated from scratch.

The 10 Ant tracks used last time appear here too and in the same order. But this time Carty added some Adam vocals from the Puss 'n Boots (PIB) 12" and extended a few of the Ant loops. (Well it is three and a half minutes longer!)


2. Adam & The Ants - Prince Charming [Ugly Sisters Remix]
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Adam & The Ants - Cartrouble Part 1 [original album version]
Adam & The Ants - Prince Charming [single version]

One of a few older mixes that Carty can no longer listen to, and you're fortunate you can download this today. Apparently, the idea came to him in a dream, and heI just had to work on it the next day. (Which is strange as he claims to never remember any of his dreams!)

You can easy tell Carty has sourced the original 1979 vinyl version of Cartrouble Part 1 from the Dirk Wears White Søx album as this was before the remasters were released two years later. Coupled with Adam and Marco's second UK chart topper, Prince Charming, this was probably better left hidden away in the archives.


3. Adam & The Ants - Ant Rap [Ugly Old Pirate Remix]
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Captain Sensible - Wot! [12" version]
Adam & The Ants - Ant Rap [album version]
Adam & The Ants - Ant Rap [single version]
Adam Ant - Alfie Noakes [sound check recording]

When Captain Sensible released Wot! in 1982, Carty instantly took a huge liking to it. It was the feel of that Chic-esque bass line, along with the verse that mentions Adam being an ugly old pirate. When he performed this on Top Of The Pops an Adam look-a-like ran across the studio during that line.

Carty had the idea for this mix in his mind for some time and realized doing it wouldn't be that easy due to the sheer number of edits and re-edits needed! (Some of the dodgier edits have been left in for all to enjoy!)

He used the 12" version of Wot! as it has the instrumental during the intro. The album version of Ant Rap was used for the drum loops, and the 1993 "best of" compilation for the main song, which includes that rare 'sudden ending' (also included at the end of this remix). Coincidentally, the chorus of Wot! bears a striking similarity to Adam's Alfie Noakes sound check, also included.

An updated version of this mix has since been produced and appears on Carty Mixes Volume 10. An edit mix was also made, which has still to be made public.



4. Adam & The Ants vs P!nk - Get This Ant Party Started [Virgin White Søx Mix]
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Adam & The Ants - Don't Be Square (Be There) [album version]
P!nk - Get This Party Started [acapella]
Adam & The Ants - Dirk Wears White Socks [demo]
Adam & The Ants - Ants Invasion [album version]
Adam & The Ants - Jolly Roger [album version]

The first (and worst) of two versions of this mash-up. Here Carty uses the acapella from P!nk's (then) recent chart smash laid over the top of of the classic Ants' track from the Kings LP, Don't Be Square (Be There). You can also find elements of three other Ants' tracks here. Namely the demo of Dirk Wears White Socks, and two other Kings LP tracks, Ants Invasion, and Jolly Roger. The second, updated and by far the better version of this mix has since been produced. It appears on Carty Mixes Volume 8.


5. Adam & The Ants - Fat Fun vs Fall In [Punky Walrus Mix]
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Adam & The Ants - Fat Fun [(AntBox version]
Adam & The Ants - Cartrouble Part 1 [album version]
Adam & The Ants - Fall In [B-side version]

Carty recalls first hearing the new version of Fat Fun on the promo CD's of AntBox (which Sony had kindly sent him prior to its release), a realised how similar it sounded to Fall In. A mix attempt was inevitable! The idea was to alternate the verses of both songs, but straight forward beat-matching was almost impossible! So loops were created of the 'countdown' segments of Fall In and mixed with loops from Fat Fun. A few cheeky samples of Cartrouble were added over the intro and over Marco's false feedback ending, terminating in Adam making a last minute comment at the end! There's a few key clashes in this mix, but it was a worthy challenge!


6. Adam Ant - Little Devil [Egyptian Angel Remix]
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Adam & The Ants - Cleopatra [album version]
Adam Ant - Little Devil [album version]
Adam Ant - Red Scab [B-side version]

The first track from the unreleased Persuasion album gets the Carty remix treatment due to popular demand (i.e. being hounded for months by Tex!!)! This started off as a toughie, but all came together in the end!

The hard part was beat-matching the drums from Cleopatra to those from Little Devil. A few clever (if not rude) vocal loops were added, plus the guitar riff from Red Scab to finish it off.

A further four remixes of Little Devil were created a few years later, one of which appears on Carty Mixes Volume 10.


7. Adam & The Ants - Ants Invasion 2002 [Total Convention Remix]
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A Homeboy, A Hippie, & A Funki Dredd - Total Confusion [Heavenly Mix]
Adam & The Ants - Ants Invasion [album version]
Adam & The Ants - The Human Beings [album version]

Tough for him to listen to now, but Carty still feels this could work if revisited. The mix came to life after messing about with via two turntables in 2000! Resurrecting those days proved to be no easy task. Namely because Ants Invasion doesn't keep a constant tempo throughout the song. That meant that mixing it would be hell, and it was.

A drum loop was created of an early 1990's hardcore trance fave called Total Confusion. The only way Carty could do this with the software I had back then was to mix just one bar (four beats) of Ants Invasion at a time, and then edit them all together afterwards. In total, there are over 70 edits in this mix. After the basic song was remixed, the next thing was to recreate the intro Carty had previously tried with the turntables. Then, an ending was needed, so he added the outro from that other classic Kings track, The Human Beings.



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