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Mark Alleyne is the man responsible for bringing us a fantastic looking set of remastered Ant CDs, presented in a rather nifty red box. In 2004, Carty spoke to Marco Pirroni and Andi Vaughan and it seemed only natural to pin down the third and final member of the team behind the most exciting Ant releases for over 10 years.

Mark has kindly created a PDF 'booklet' of the interview, so that Ant fans can read at their own leisure. To download the file, simply right click the Antmusic Remastered image below.

Mark Alleyne interview 2005
Right click the above image to download the Mark Alleyne interview PDF

Carty's extended thanks go out to Mark Alleyne for his first class co-operation in bringing this interview to reality. Not only were his answers meticulously typed back (which is more than Carty can say for his questions), but he also supplied many of the images used to accompany the text.

Additional thanks to Mark for producing the rather splendid PDF version of this interview.

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