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In October 2005, Carty interviewed one half of The Wolfmen, Marco Pirroni. The full interview is available here. Now it's time for the other half. So let's sod Marco for a while...

Chris Constantinou
Chris Constantinou

Carty: But who's that next to him?? Chris De Niro!? You ready Chris?

Chris C: Ha ha… You talkin' to me? (Adam in 'good earth' B Side Babies… very good…)

C: Well I'm ready. In fact before we get going, some Ant fans still refer to you as Chris De Niro, and some as Chris Constantinou. Would you rather they drop the De Niro part over 20 years on?

CC: Don't give a toss… whatever they prefer.

C: You and Marco have a new EP (Jackie Says) due out on August 14th 2006 via Damaged Goods Records. It's to be released as a digital download and as a four track, 10" slab of vinyl. Do either of you own a turntable then?

CC: Ha ha ha ha - you really caught us out. Marco may have one but mine is in my mum's attic.

C: Are there plans to put it out on CD?

CC: I hope so.

Wolfmen drummer

C: You've been recording demos of The Wolfmen tracks for a few years now and even though the Northern Soul/Glam Rock influences have their own unique appeal, how do you look back on those demos now the songs are 'in the can'?

CC: Some good new stuff, some crap… but some of the earlier stuff still sounds good. Like Kama Sutra! I was trying to work out what it was, that MP3.

(You'll learn what MP3 he's referring to a bit further on)

C: Choose three of your songs that mean the most to you personally - even if they have yet to be finished or even planned for release.

CC: Hmmmm… I like "Kama Sutra", "Nothing To Say To You" and I like "Black Siberia". I dunno, loads more but that's all I can think of now…

C: What is the usual process you use for writing songs? Would Marco send you an idea he's been working on and you add to it with lyrics? Talk us through a typical example.


CC: Go up to Marco's. Wake him up and we go for coffee. Then we talk shit for a while. Go back to the studio and he might scratch his arse and say "oh, I had this idea, it's probably crap but…" and then play it and it's great. We work on it. I come up with some lyrics and a melody and that's the beginning process anyway…

C: What does Chris Hughes bring to a track that you and Marco cannot?

CC: Chris Hughes I suppose is the obvious answer! But that's lazy… hmmm… think I'll be lazy…

C: Do you think you'd ever assume a larger(!) role as a producer? If not, why not?

CC: Me and Marco do, and have, produced the majority of The Wolfmen material, along with Steve Musters.

C: I recently (without permission) knocked out a remix demo of a Wolfmen track called Kama Sutra and sent it to Marco. After ignoring it for a while, he eventually said it was shit (when pressed). I've attached it to this question - do you agree with him?

CC: Well Marco says most things are shit so I wouldn't take offence!! (I didn't) Did that answer your question or should I be taking over from Mr Blair? Mr Blair is a c*nt don't you think? I actually quite liked your mix!

C: In your interview on Steve's Ant Blog, you mentioned that you "may play live at some point". It's no big secret that Marco isn't that fond of touring, so how did you pull that one off?

CC: We drug up Marco with Opium, straight jacket him, pack his bags and guitars and put him on the tour bus. When the drugs wear off and he has played his first gig for a while and we are backstage and Kate Moss is sitting on his lap telling him what a cool guitarist he is, and that she used to have a poster of him on her bedroom wall and would he like to come back to her place to show her how to play a G chord. He wakes up in the morning with the lovely Kate Moss next to him, his mobile ringing, tour manager screaming at him "where the fuck are you?" and coming to pick him up… All that and having to not think or do any mundane things for a few months (apart from playing guitar live for 45 minutes a night) -- he remembers that touring is not so bad after all…

Wildcat Will

C: You've played alongside Marco during the Friend Or Foe, Strip and Vive Le Rock tours. It looked a gruelling schedule. Was there any point where you thought, "do we have to play this song again?"

CC: Hmmm… obviously some songs we played I thought that from the start of the tour! Not many but probably one or two, not so much on the Vive tour but definitely on the Strip tour!

C: So what kept you going back in those days?

CC: Didn't need anything to keep me going – it was easy, and fun!

C: And what keeps you going now you're 20 years older?

CC: Ha ha ha… I have a secret Viking potion!

C: How do you relax when you're not being a Wolfman?

CC: I don't really see being a Wolfman as not relaxing, all the same really.

C: If you could choose anyone alive today, who would most like to collaborate with?

CC: Me and Marco are making our list out at ze moment so will keep you updated.


C: Did the Wolfmen ever record a demo of the Ant track "Dirk Wears White Socks"? If not, was it talked about or planned?

CC: No we didn't, but yes it was talked about.

C: Obviously we all know you played bass on the Vive Le Rock album, but what stood out for you when listening to the remastered tracks released last year?

CC: That the Vive Le Rock album could or should be mixed again.

C: Apart from crap remixes of Wolfmen tracks, what gets under your skin, makes your blood boil, or blow a fuse?

CC: Selfish small minded, small-hearted fuckers! And soggy chips.

C: The way music is promoted today has changed considerably over recent years. The Wolfmen seem to embrace the download culture of today. What are you views on this?

CC: That we are very clever! Ha ha!…

C: You can't beat holding a product in your hand in my view, but do you feel a time will come when downloading will be the only way to buy new music?

CC: I totally agree with you on this one and no I don't think it will ever be download only, for sure.


C: Everyone seems to have a MySpace page nowadays - fans and artists, including The Wolfmen. Do you think this is just a fad? Or is it a 'band' wagon that more musicians should be jumping on?

CC: I don't know, but until Ian Peel (our PR guy) mentioned it to me and Marco a few months back I didn't know what it was. Doesn't seem like a bad thing - anything that broadens your audience has to be a good thing...

C: How does MySpace help The Wolfmen? Is it because of all the pictures of sexy babes that remind you of your Ant gigging days?

CC: Ha ha ha… did you ever come back stage during the ant gigging days?!


C: You and Marco collaborated on a track for me, Panzer Mädchen (based on the Deutscher Girls riff) and also on Werewolves Of London for Mantra II. Was this ever considered as track for The Wolfmen, and if so, will we ever get to hear a version of it?

CC: As far The Wolfmen goes, we do those tracks by ourselves and we are kind of into getting a cohesive (oooohhh not used that word for a long time!) sound together for each album, so the tracks link up and have the same vibe. The collaborations we do is something separate entirely.

C: A close friend of mine has a strange (yet strong) desire to obtain Marco's toothbrush. It slipped my mind during my interview at his place, and she won't rest until she has it. Is this something we can leave you to sort out next time you're invited round for coffee and biscuits?

CC: Will do! In exchange for some Belgian chips with mayonnaise and a beer?

C: I'm afraid we'll have to leave it there as my Dad wants to put the car in the garage.

CC: A good place to park up I reckon!

The Wolfmen
Carty would like to extend his thanks to Chris De Constaniro for taking the time to answer these difficult questions. If only he'd extend his answers, haha. Also thanks to the man behind the scenes, Ian Peel for coordinating this and supplying the stills from the video.

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