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Back in 2004, the first three CDs in the Adam Ant Remastered series had been the most exciting releases the Ant world has seen since AntBox was released in November 2000. The response had been overwhelmingly positive, but that didn't mean that some questions had remained unanswered.

Carty put Project Researcher Andi Vaughan under the spotlight. A total of 113 questions were put to the man known as BinLiner Ant via email. In fairness, it was putting poor Andi under spotlight a bit, as Carty had put a lot of emphasis on the content of the projects.

Andi Vaughan mailing out demos to Carty
Andi Vaughan mailing out demos to Carty

001 This site's pages have a light blue colour scheme whilst Marco's interview page is in pink. What colour page would you like, Andi?

Andi: Tartan (on the old Dutch Carty site, this page featured a rather horrid blue/pink tartan background parttern!)

002 Some Ant fans have heard of you before. Some haven't. Tell me about who you are, your background and what you do for a living?

A: I live in Chester, North West England. I am married with three beautiful children. I am thirty something.... Been an Antfan for far too long

003 What was Slapdash Eden?

A: Slapdash Eden was an Antzine I used to do about 10 years ago about the same time (or just after) Umesh (Mistry) was putting out the Antics fanzine. The policy of the fanzine was to offer the fans (us) an exclusive interview in each issue. Some of the people I had the pleasure of talking to was Marco, Chris Hughes, Andy Warren, Bodgan Wiczling and many more. It lasted for just three issues but I plan to put out one more issue sometime in 2005

Slapdash Eden Issue #3
Slapdash Eden #3

004 Why did it stop?

A: The reason I stopped doing it initially was, I was offered an official approval by Adam for Slapdash Eden, which was a real honour. However I had to deal with a certain individual (who shall remain nameless!) who just made life so difficult, that all the fun of actually putting it out was lost. When it gets to that point I believe it's time to move on! I think also the Internet has replaced fanzines and sites like, ALF, Stand & Deliver etc. all do a great job. Having said that the next issue will be in the same format as the previous ones.

005 Have you ever considered publishing it online? (If not why not?)

A: Someone very recently put that idea to me on Marco's forum. It's an idea I gave some thought but... if I was to do another it would be in paper form for nostalgia reasons. I did actually have a website a few years back which was there just to archive past interviews but it died along with the 'zine.

A: I started work on a book a couple of years ago, which would have took shape as an oratory, so a lot more conversations were amassed but in the present climate I felt that now was not the time to continue on such a project. I still have a few interviews in the can - Marco and Chris Hughes (together), John Beckett, Mark Ryan and many more which will see the light in the next one.

006 You interviewed Marco Pirroni in one issue. What do you remember about the actual interview?

A: I actually interviewed Marco twice! I had spoken to him on the phone numerous times before the first actual meeting but I was still nervous. Anyway as you no doubt know, he's a great bloke who made me feel at ease straight away.

007 How did you become involved in the Ants Remastered projects?

A: I had worked on the discography for Antbox at Marco's request and had long conversations with Marco about track listings etc. Anyway I got a call from Marco late last year which basically was - "Sony want to re-issue the old albums, I don't just wanna put them out again as they are.....Have you any ideas and do you wanna be involved?" I said yes.

008 What did Marco initially ask you to do?

A: Come up with ideas and to generally help on the project in whatever capacity I was needed in.

009 How has that role changed since then?

It was never a role to begin with. It was Marco, Mark (Alleyne) and myself who was just to come up with the goods. With regards to the Remasters - it's my job to find things. From music to photographers and to serve as a sort of Ants-historian. Also I had an input into what tracks I felt should be on them. With the DVD (Digital Tenderness) I'm involved in the compilation and track selection. Also sourcing footage and finding the bloody things!!!

Digital Tenderness DVD
Digital Tenderness DVD

010 How are you paid for your work on these?

A: Mind your own business!

011 The project as a whole, what does it include? (Just the 9 Ant albums?)

A: Well the initial meeting I had with Marco we discussed working on an outline for all of Adam's albums, suggestions for extra tracks etc. including Persuasion! Which is something that Marco, Mark and I would really like to do. However we are dealing with a business here, so we are in the hands of Sony. We have had the go ahead for the next three albums (Friend Or Foe, Strip and Vive) and another very special project which is a four CD box set of The Ants '77-'79. From the first bedroom gig through to Adam and Dave Barbe's final demo session.

Those sought after demo tapes!
Those sought after demo tapes!

012 When did you start work on it?

A: I think officially it was January of this year (2004) when we had the meeting with Luke (Southern) at Sony.

013 When do you anticipate your work being complete?

A: Fuck knows!!!! How longs a piece of string?

014 How did it feel waiting for the 1st three remastered CDs to be released?

A: A mixture of excitement and anxiety. I felt they sounded and looked really good and was hoping that everyone else thought the same. The feedback I've had has been really good though in the main but unfortunately there will always be someone who will find fault.

015 Were you completely pleased with the finished products?

A: Yes. In the main. Although if I had my way they would all be triple discs!!!!

016 What were you least pleased about on each of the three CDs?

A: The artwork mix up with 'Dirk' (The first 2000 booklets with the CD were misprinted with purple backs instead of black). I know Mark wasn't best pleased! But I'll let him talk to you about that!!!

Dirk Wears White Søx 2004
Dirk Wears White Søx 2004

017 Dirk Wears White Søx - What stands out as your favourite aspect of the new CD? (and why?)

A: The remastering is excellent and the artwork is fantastic!

018 Describe the warehouse Sony have in Aylesbury, England.

A: I haven't been there!

019 It's been said you discovered a bin liner full of stuff. What did you find exactly?

A: Too much to list here! Ok, the story goes that over the years I have amassed masses of demos etc. from Marco and other people. Anyway one day I was at his flat and he decided to give me the rest so I took them and archived them all on CD with back up Minidisc copies to listen through for future releases. There's lots of Friend Or Foe, Strip, Vive, Manners, Wonderful and later stuff. There isn't a huge amount of Kings and PC stuff and we are just starting to sift through the earlier stuff now!

020 Because Marco has a dislike for Ant related nicknames people use on the Internet, you have been given the name, "Binliner Ant". How do you react to this?

A: I am not related to Adam so I'm not sure about the 'Ant' bit. Also it was a media bag NOT a bin liner. The bin liner was used for transportation of a framed US Stand & Deliver poster which I nicked off him while he was making coffee!

Marco and Binliner Ant (Andi)
Marco and Binliner Ant (Andi)

021 Would you like the home address of the person who gave you this name?

A: Only if they're pretty and female!

022 They are, and she's mine! Enough fun (for now), What Dirk related tracks had you discovered that did NOT make it on the CD? (Marco mentions a Chris Hughes remix of Zerøx and some Digital Tenderness mixes. What else?)

A: There wasn't a great deal to be honest. The 'Digital Tenderness' demo was damaged beyond repair as was 'The Idea' off the same tape. 'Zerøx' basically wasn't finished or at least didn't sound it! We have since unearthed better quality copies.

023 What did you think of these? Describe them.

A: Lyrically the same. The most noticeable difference is Adam's vocal delivery. The version of 'Zerøx' was more sedate than the Do-It release but like I said earlier, not finished.

024 Forget the wrath of Marco for now. Would YOU have included these on the CD? (and why?) (There's room for 9 minutes more music)

A: In all honesty they were unusable the versions we had at the time. I spoke to Marco after I received the tracks and asked if they were repairable. Alas the answer was negative.

025 What Dirk demos did you find, because there are no demos on that CD?

A: Just because there was no 70s demos on that disc in doesn't mean more won't see the light of day soon.

026 How hard did you push for their inclusion?

A: More to follow....

027 Do you think Dirk COULD have been a double CD?

A: Wasn't enough material that we had to work with of the record session for that album.

028 Was it ever considered?

A: No, never!

029 After the tracks 1 - 11 (which reflect the listing of the initial 1979 release on the Do It label), the bonus tracks attempt to complete the whole of the Do It era. Has it to you?

A: That was what I suggested (and Mark also). Tidy everything up from Do-It as the B-sides have never been released officially on CD before. When I heard them for the first time I pointed out that there were differences but they were the preferred tracks.

030 Track 14 is Kick. Listed on the packaging as the version included on the original March 1982 12" EP release (known commonly as The Antmusic EP). It's not that version. Why?

(No answer given)

031 The original EP version of Kick was remixed by Chris Hughes. Is track 14 the original recording produced by Adam, prior to Chris remixing it?

(No answer given)

032 Track 15 is Physical, Again listed on the new packaging as from the Antmusic EP. Again incorrect as it's the version that appeared on the mis-pressed b-side on initial copies of the Zerøx single. Why is this?

(No answer given)

033 So why is the packaging information inaccurate? Why tell the buying public they're from the EP when they have never ever been heard?

(No answer given)

034 There is room on the CD for the Antmusic EP versions of Kick and Physical. Was their inclusion considered?

(No answer given)

035 Was the spare 9 minutes considered for any other tracks?

A: Ok right, what I said was to include the versions of the tracks released on the (Antmusic) EP. When Marco was listening to the tracks he heard this different version of 'Kick' and liked it better so included it! 'Physical' was on a studio tape listed as The B-sides EP so Marco used that version. I never heard the finished disc until the finished preview copies where pressed. I really like the new 'Kick'.

036 Track 16 is Cartrouble Parts 1 and 2, the Chris Hughes remix from the aforementioned EP. It appears to speed up at the 2m 26 sec point. Why?

(No answer given)

037 Were all 19 tracks remastered?

A: Yes.

038 How would you describe the difference after the remastering of Dirk?

(No answer given)

039 What stood out most to you?

(No answer given)

040 On the inside of the Dirk packaging, there's a picture of the 3 DWWS master tape reels. The 3rd reel appears to be remixes of Digital Tenderness and The Idea. How do they differ to the recordings on reels 1 and 2?

(No answer given)

041 The Dirk booklets initially had purple corners and backs, but were destroyed. 2000 slipped through the net and were distributed. They were supposed to be black. How did you react to this?

(No answer given)

042 Kings Of The Wild Frontier - Marco says it sounded better this time round than when he remembered it. How would you describe it 24 years on?

A: I still think 'Kings Of The Wild Frontier' is a classic British album which doesn't get the credit it deserves.

Kings Of The Wild Frontier 2004
Kings Of The Wild Frontier 2004

043 Why are only 5 demos included? There's another 19 mins of music space.

(No answer given)

044 Was there a demo of Dog Eat Dog? If so, why was it left off?

A: I haven't got, or heard, a demo of Dog Eat Dog. I believe there was one but it's buried on a Dog Eat Dog multitrack.

045 Why does the 'Antmusic' demo (track 14) skip at 2m 11s? It couldn't have been on the original demo tape as my copy of that demo has no skip.

(No answer given)

046 Los Rancheros. Marco was going to include "demo 3" of this. How did that differ to the demo on AntBox?

(No answer given)

047 Why was it left off?

(No answer given)

048 The demo for Killer In The Home. Marco really wanted it on the CD, but he said the tape was in a bad way. Describe how the demo sounded?

(No answer given)

049 Was it as bad as Marco says (in your opinion)?

(No answer given)

050 Was there a demo of Kings Of The Wild Frontier? If so, why wasn't it on there?

A: Cos it was featured on AntBox?!

051 Why was the Prick Up Your Ears demo left off? The lyrics are totally different to The Magnificent 5 even if the tune's identical. This would have caught many an Ant fan's eye and pricked up their ears. Was it due to copyright problems because of the lyric content?

(No answer given)

052 Another quality demo left off is Don't Be Square (Be There). Very tribal. A sad omission. Why?

(No answer given)

053 Was there a demo for Jolly Roger (if so.....)?

(No answer given)

054 Why was the Making History demo left off? Again, more tribal and well produced.

(No answer given)

055 Why is The Human Beings demo only 2m 30 secs long?

(No answer given)

056 Did Marco "sex up" this demo (add to it?)

(No answer given)

057 Why wasn't the longer demo used? It's double the length, uses real drumming, although has the same guitar and vocals?

(No answer given)

058 Would you have liked to see more on the Kings CD?

(No answer given)

059 If so, what?

(No answer given)

060 You researched the material, Marco compiled it. Did you try and ask Marco to include some of the stuff left off?

A: I would basically compile a list of what was available, at my disposal, for each album and make suggestions as to which tracks I felt should be featured on each disc. I would put a selection of the tracks onto a CD with a letter or email of detailing why I chose that track and left it to is his art after all!

061 Marco said to me in his interview that he and Chris Hughes remastered this (and Prince Charming), but the booklets credit Andy Pearce with the remastering and Chris with additional production. What additional production did Chris do?

A: I asked Chris (Hughes) to answer this and here's his reply:

"Marco and I chose the best tapes to master from when there was a choice between original and production master. Certain tapes had to be baked so that they would not shred whilst being played. Then the tapes were run into a Sonic Solutions Computer System. There the tracks had a small amount of digital EQ added. I think all original masters were used where possible, but it took some time finding them."

062 On a Now That's What I Call Music/Smash Hits compilation, a version of 'Antmusic' was used that does not fade out. It stops as it does on the master tape. Was this version available to you?

A: Yes but not used as I think three Antmusic's was enough.

063 Did Marco "sex up" any of the demos?

(No answer given)

064 Prince Charming - 23 years on - How does it sound to you now?

A great album. You're asking the wrong man cos I really am a fan of this band. I like all the albums.

Prince Charming 2004
Prince Charming 2004

065 What PC goodies were in the bin liner, Andi?

A: Mostly just alternative versions of the tracks that where featured on the album.

066 Scorpio Writing is a gem of a find. How did that come about?

A: I was listening to a studio tape of some Prince Charming demos at home one day, I forget what I was doing, but the tape was left running. Anyway, I heard a voice coming from the speakers and thought, "what the fuck is this?". I rang Marco and said I have just found this thing with you and Adam working on Scorpio (sic) and I sent it him. We all loved it and thought it an interesting inclusion on the PC remaster. I hope to be able to include something similar on the Friend Or Foe remaster.

067 Who named it? Shouldn't it have been called "Scorpios Writing"?


068 Was there a demo for Scorpios? (If so. why was it omitted?)

A: Not that I found, no. THAT WAS IT!

069 Was there a demo for 5 Guns West? (If so...?)

(No answer given)

070 Was there a demo for That Voodoo!? (If so...?)

(No answer given)

071 The Mile High Club demo. Initially listed for inclusion on the CD, and then taken off. Why?

A: Yes everything was considered but Marco had the final say. The 'Mile High Club' demo was a different mix and not too far away from the finished article.

072 Is it worth hearing, and will we ever hear it?

I think we are already planning AntBox 3000.

073 Was there a demo for Ant Rap? Did you burn it? (Just kidding!)

(No answer given)

074 There must have been a Mowhok demo? (if so...?)

(No answer given)

075 The S.E.X. demo is on Kings as that's when it was demo'd, but that still leaves 22 minutes of music nothingness. What would YOU have filled it with?

A: Bloody hell, 10-20 years ago you got an album and didn't worry about how many more minutes the artist could have filled!!

076 As with Kings, did you try and push Marco for omissions to be included? Or was that above and beyond your call of duty?

My job has been outlined in the previous answers. If I feel strongly enough then I will argue a point. Why do you think Friend Or Foe is to be a double CD?

077 What additional production did Chris Hughes do on Prince Charming?

(No answer given)

078 Are the next three Ant remasters to be Friend Or Foe, Strip and Vive Le Rock?

A: Not next...but they will happen. The DVD is next then another special project ....

079 When can we expect to see these?

I have a track list for Friend Or Foe which Marco is quite happy with. You guys won't be disappointed! Well I suppose some will!!!!

Friend Or Foe 2005
Friend Or Foe 2005

080 Friend Or Foe - You have found enough material in the bin liner for an additional CD. Marco seems to think this may happen. Will it?

(No answer given)

081 Could the 1st three remasters have also been double CD's??

(No answer given)

082 Assuming FOF will be a double CD release, please tell me specifically what you have found?

A: There are unreleased songs and different versions of songs available including an instrumental of 'Here Comes The Grump' which is brilliant and raw, Place In The Country with different lyrics, a finished version of Coup D'Etat which was recorded for Friend Or Foe but dropped at the last.....

083 In your opinion, which of these would you most like to see on the finished release?

(No answer given)

084 What are we least likely to see on the CD's?

A: Unreleased tracks, remixes and alternative versions.

Strip 2005
Strip 2005

085 Strip - you've said there are demos for everything, but Marco's too fussy. What do we have from the Strip era?

A: There's quite a bit of stuff. A track called 'Horse You Rode In On' and 'Dirty Harry' which is an early 'Amazon'.

086 What stands out to you?

A: I love it all!

087 Songs like Coup D'Etat, Hired Gun, Saigon and Steve McQueen are strong on AntBox. Are there other hidden masterpieces for this next set of 3 CD's?

A: Like I said you won't be disappointed and a surprise awaits with the release of 'Vive Le Rock'...

088 What's most likely to get dumped?

A: Purple booklets.

089 Can we expect to see ALL of the extended A sides and B sides? Along with all the remixes released with the singles?

A: Some of them, yes. We are hoping to rework B-side Babies, give it more of a British slant.

Vive Le Rock 2005
Vive Le Rock 2005

090 Vive Le Rock - Can you confirm (or deny) that this album is to be remixed? If so, is it to be part of the Ant remastered series?

A: Oh Ok then, I can certainly confirm that it is to get a Chris Hughes remix of the whole album and yes, it will be part of the series.

091 What have you found in the bottom of the Vive Le Rock black plastic bag that we can look forward to?

(No answer given)

092 And which tracks stand out to you?

(No answer given)

093 What's Marco likely to leave in the bin liner, never to be seen again?

(No answer given)

094 After these 3 CD's, can we realistically expect to see Manners & Physique, Persuasion and Wonderful?

(No answer given)

095 When?

(No answer given)

096 And should we expect all the 12" versions and remixes?

(No answer given)

097 Has work started on the research of these?

(No answer given)

098 What have you found (for each)?

(No answer given)

099 There are enough demos for a double CD release for Wonderful. But will we get to see the unreleased b-sides and single mixes (which AntBox messed up on)?

(No answer given)

100 If Persuasion gets its long overdue release, there are some extra mixes of certain tracks. What other Persuasion tunes are you aware of?

(No answer given)

101 Apart from the 9 albums in the Ant remasters project, what else are you working on?

(No answer given)

102 What stage are these at?

(No answer given)

103 Would you like to see a singles box set release featuring the original artwork and version from the single releases? (As with Duran Duran and Madness)

(No answer given)

104 What about B Side Babies 2? There's a possible 18 tracks, some never released. Has this been discussed?

(No answer given)

105 Why weren't the b-sides considered for inclusion on the remastered CD's?

(No answer given)

106 Did you see the artwork before it was sent to the printers?

A: Yes I did! Why?

107 I'll ask the questions! What changes did you suggest?


108 Did you notice errors such as the wrong Dirk logo (the Decca ANTS one was used) and a FOF era pic in the PC booklet?

A: Yes.

109 Were you tempted to hold back on any tracks and keep for yourself?

A: Grow up.

110 Did you?

A: Fuck Off.

111 What's the most exciting thing you've come across?

A: Cartrouble's misheard lyrics site.

112 How many tapes did you listen to?

A: Why? Does that matter in some way?

113 Did you get bored?

A: Why the fuck would I? I'm a fan.

Just before Ansi's car boot sale!
Just before Ansi's car boot sale!

This interview was conducted via email in 2004 and some of Andi's unanswered questions are covered in other replies, but not all. Apologies for his rather cocky attitude towards the end. It must have been incredibly hard for him to do. However...

Carty would like to thank Andi Vaughan for taking the time to answer the questions, Marco Pirroni for his assistance and Ant Lady for designing the tartan and for hosting this page's initial weeks online (to avoid any embarrassing web site data transfer interruptions).


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