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Dog Eat Dog [Round Lake Edit]

Dog Eat Dog
[Round Lake Edit]

Dog Eat Dog [Great Lakes Remix]

Dog Eat Dog
[Great Lakes Remix]


Once upon a time...

...back in 2000, this site started as just a very simple Adam And The Ants fan site. Back then, there were many excellent Ant sites (many of which are sadly no longer with us), and it was difficult to come with ideas that had never been used before. Carty had already hosted a very popular Teletubbies site and was tempted to create an Ants one.

Its first pages were simplistic and intended to be fun and entertaining. Most were inspired by posts by Ant fans on the many Ant forums and message boards. Fun pages such as Ant Names, Misheard Lyrics, Ant Covers and Adam Covers were basically just lists. Those pages no longer exist today, however, they will appear on this site eventually.

No news was bad news

There never really was a news section as that was well catered for elsewhere, but one of the first pages to appear in that vein was Adam interview with Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2. The whole interview was painstakingly transcribed from cassette to web page, so that Ant fans world wide could read it. It appeared just hours after the interview was aired.

A news page was created as a joke a few years ago. The only words on it were 'A news page? On this site? Yeah right!'. As time passed it became apparent that Ant news that was reaching Carty wasn't being reported online, so in 2005, the site started to report such items.

In the mix

One of the site's largest sections was the Carty Mixes one. The first mix was created in February 2002 and as the mixes grew in number, so did the pages dedicated to the CD's. To date there are over 100 mixes, with around 70 of them Ant related.

It also became apparent to Carty about the lack of information online regarding Ant gigs and details of all the releases. So in 2003, the Ants Gigs page was started (complete with set lists where possible), and in 2005 pages dedicated to Ant albums, singles, compilations, bootlegs and sheet music were born.

Within the same section saw a few pages which had a helping hand from Marco Pirroni, namely Ant Influences and Ant Like. Marco also agreed to meet with Carty in the summer of 2004 for an exclusive interview for the site. Since then interviews have appeared from Andi Vaughan, Mark Alleyne, Freek Kinkelaar (of Record Collector), more from Marco in 2005, Chris Constantinou, Dave Pash, Adam Ant and Namgyal Lhamo (which has never been published).

The site has undergone a few design changes over the years and one of its most significant changes was in its move from being hosted at Geocities, to having its own domain name at After quitting the Ant side of things in the winter of 2008, it took a 2 year hiatus to relocate to its new location here at


(without whom)

I would personally like to extend my thanks to the following individuals for their help in making the site grow from a tiny minnow to the big shark it is today:

(In no particular order. Seriously. Why else would Steve be first?)

Steve Horwood for the multitudinous of scans used on the old site!
Walt Howieson for scans and release details used in the Antmusic section.
Ant Lady for her graphic design for all the Carty remix covers, site buttons, and much much more. I nicked your super sized scans without asking or crediting you guys. I'm sorry.
Simon Daw for his excellent site - the original source for the pages in my Antmusic section.
Daron Gumm for his scans of the very rare Beautiful Dream CD singles.
Marco Pirroni for contributing to a number of pages on this anorak!
Monk for his invaluable info supplied for the Ant Gigs section and in the Antmusic section.
Seedy for hosting the Carty mixes on his server.
Andi Vaughan, Mark Alleyne and Freek Kinkelaar (& Marco) for their time for the interviews.
Tony (Antmaniac) for his ticket stubs for the Ant Gigs page.
Tex for this new site's colour scheme, the new Blue Carrot and 3D car logos, and for being a brilliant wife.

And to everyone else who's contributed to the many pages on this site.

If I've missed you out by name, please let me know and I'll give you the credit you so deserve.


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